Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's been a long week.

This should be me, dressed in my favourite velvet, out in the garden, calm, peaceful, at one with nature without the garden crawlers. Damn millipedes are everywhere and I hate them.
My computer monitor decided it had had enough of life and was shrinking rapidly inwards and it would have lasted another month or two. Monday morning the BrickOutHouse, went out and came home with a flat screen monitor for me. Well, that's been fun. I've gone from a TV to an IMAX and being not technical at all, it's taken until today to get the resolution right even with reading the instructions. You know what I'm like with instructions, dyslexic. I had the fonts on standard type which was fine for the small monitor but this monster needed clear type and I think I'm right now.
The other is sitting on the floor behind me. I feel sorry that I didn't have time to tell him he was being disassembled. The flat screen is letting in so much light from the window that I can see how filthy with dust the keyboard is. Great, more vac'ing with the attachments that go over the the front of the hand held vac.
For months I've been telling BOH to bring in his clothes from the car. That would be the small car that is now belonging to someone else and he has a silver station wagon because I was having trouble getting in and out of the small car. You've all seen the 20 clowns getting out of a VW, so you get the picture. So the clothes, filled a double bed and how he had them in a small car would compare to protein folding. I've even washed his hammock and by the time all the socks were dried and put together, I only had 4 orphans left. Anything with more holes than T-shirt went to the bin, quietly, in a black plastic bag where he couldn't see them. Of course, being male he didn't bring them in on the first sunny days of the week, it was on the first rain day we had. There's nothing like blankets and jumpers that have been out in the rain and sun for days, lovely smell.
Now my sister and I have been telling him for ages about the chemicals he works with and how they get into his clothes and to get overalls. Never took a gnat's notice, hence the burn holes in shirts from welding and horrible chemical smells in fabric. Luckily for me, Woolies had a 3kg container of Oxyaction on sale this week. After all the washing was finished I hauled him out to look in the stainless steel sink, at the layer of chemical sludge on the bottom. Thank you Oxyaction. His clothes are neatly stacked in a bookcase and his very good clothes are in the wardrobe where he'd never think to look. I highly recommend putting men's clothes in bookcases, where they don't have to expend energy opening and shutting doors, even his shoes are stacked on the bottom shelf. His back op was a great success but he still can't bend over to tie his shoelaces, that's a no-no.
In the middle of this was shopping, two days with mother and a lovely time at the Optus shop with a salesman who was in great danger of having a mobile phone shoved down his throat. This is a shop, it sells Optus stuff, it has customers who pay for sales, it does not need a patronising imbecile behind the new shiny counter. Yes, I could have done all this by phone or internet but I wanted it done instore and on the spot. No, I didn't care that there was a queue out the door because Optus is too cheap to put on more salespeople. The new sim card is in the phone, credits are on the phone but the calls go straight to mailbox so I believe the little creep has done it deliberately. Now I have to go down to the home and fix it or I'll have her sisters ringing me thinking she's dead.
And the vacuum cleaner is still sitting in the middle of the lounge but it has been used for 10 minutes. I got the dust out of the fire, lit the pilot light without a hitch and managed to shut the door without breaking anything. Now that I've been so brilliant with this monitor, I'm going to have a shot at hooking up the DVD to the big TV, something the BOH would do in five minutes and he'll probably have to.


The Elephant's Child said...

What a week. Just thinking about shopping with my mama makes my eyes and my teeth hurt. And I think that arrogance is one of the selection criteria for phone shops. And a few others too. Growl.
I hope everything goes together reasonably smoothly.

Ann O'Dyne said...

pls do take care not to vac the keys right off the keyboard.
safer to unplug and take it outside with a feather duster.
the frock is lovely - not even possible to do housework dressed like that. what a great trick.

R.H. said...

What a big posting. To clean my keyboard I turn it upside down and bang it on the table, you really can't hurt those things, and I've got a spare anyway.
The government are coming here tomorrow to check my roof insulation (installed courtesy of Rudd and co.) so I've had to tidy up a bit. I should have been wary from the start when the two blokes who arrived to do it didn't even know how to prop a ladder safely to climb it. I had to halt them, really, they propped it almost vertical.

Jayne said...

Put an old pair of pantyhose over the nozzle of the vac before attacking keyboard, stuff won't go where it shouldn't.
Thought of you when drooling over mineral display at Melb Museum - massive caves of amethyst (yes, I can haz if I carry it home, please?)and squillions of pretty sparklies.

Ro said...

Men and day scientists will discover what the big stumbling block is.
Until then we women will just...ponder bizarre menfolk *snort*

Link said...

The floor seems to be the most obvious place to 'store' clothes for SOME. Which reminds me of the woman who superglued her husband's clothes to the floor on her way out the door never to return. Bravo!

Some think I'm 'anal', you know all that OCD stuff about clothes in drawers, shirts hung, benches wiped, chux RINSED, floor swept etc. I'd just as sooner not contract someone else's vile disease.

Housework is physics with a bit of chemistry thrown in. Far better it remain physics than for it to metamorphose into microbiology.

Middle Child said...

Freakin Telstra shops the same as Optus...the bastards hate them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JahTeh said...

EC, I'm glad that I have the tin knees and can't push her wheelchair. I get to do her shopping but in peace and quiet.
Little snot in the shop turned the phone off to put in the sim card and didn't turn it back on so all calls went straight to mailbox. I spent this afternoon fixing it. Nephew isn't doing much better with Virgin or vodaphone.

Miss O'Dyne, it's the little hand vac with attachments. Completely useless for anything bigger than a keyboard.
I love that frock and it's the only way I could possibly garden, as in sitting in the arbour and telling the gardners what to do.

Rh, you should have sussed them as dills immediately. I love my keyboard, I couldn't possibly abuse it like that but to think I did a post once on the filth that lives between the keys.

I saw your photos Jayne. It's a wonder the Feral Beast didn't walk out with one up his jumper.

Ro, he has been neatened up to within an inch of his life. I've even put little notes up for wearing and work. 10 jumpers I took off the line plus hammock.

Oh, Link, what a wonderful revenge, sorry I didn't think of that myself but then I was happy to see the last of his clothes going away on his back.
I've cleaned my kitchen floor so I can look virtuous, don't mention the stove.

Therese, I won't go on a plan, it's pre-paid so I can piss them off anytime but Optus call centres have always been good for me. It was just the young without people skills twit that annoyed me. Telstra I can cheerfully live without going anywhere near their shop.

River said...

You've got new stuff? Woo-hoo!!
Good luck with the DVD hook-up.
I use a fat soft makeup brush to dust my keyboard. Some people blow the dust off theirs with a hairdryer on cool.