Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Stylish, moi?

Poor Elephant's Child won't think of me as stylish by the time I've finished with her elegant meme, the rules of which I've forgotten already.
Link back to EC, done.

Next was 7 things about me. Bwahahahahha.
1. I lie about my weight, age and hair colour.
2. I swear theraputically which means I swear a lot.
3. Naked men in love scenes at the movies make me hysterical with laughter. As dear Sir Robert Helpman once said, some things just don't stop swinging.
4. With the scars and wrinkles I have, you could play snakes and ladders on my body and you wouldn't even lose the counter in my navel, I don't have one.
5. I cannot be hypnotised. I meant by persons, the hypnotic siren call of a magnum dark chocolate ice-cream is an entirely different proposition.
6. I was an alibi for an underbelly style of debt collection by a smooth operator in a 3 piece Italian suit.
7. I'm not particularly fond of babies, lethal weapons that fire at both ends. I don't know why the CIA needed rendition, when anyone stuck in a room full of screaming babies would confess to anything.

15 blogs, you're kidding! Now everyone knows I never do these things the right way so come on my magical mystery tour.
Oh dear, River I remember from my dial-up days that this blog has waiting time but worth for the genius of the artist.
Kath, because of the rotten year she had, this site is for Sapphire .
For the crafties, wander around here and save yourself the price of their magazines.
Jayne, the feral beast will just love this and you will want to break my fingers.
How about a bit of X-File type fun with the spooky and mysterious .
Most of us wouldn't have a blog if we didn't like reading so a visit to the Queen of mystery writers dear Aggie herself. This is a treat to catch up on the not on TV series.
A walk down memory lane for Elephant's Child and the rest of us can just dream about it.
There's always someone in our life that we'd love to blow up, smother or bury so hurry here and do it. You know you want to.
After that you'll need to settle back and contemplate the universe and open a beer, make mine a Cascade Light.
Another site that doesn't relate to Australia but is an ignored era of history in the United States. Don't miss a post of this blog.
Have a feel for the world at large, then here's a new way of looking at it.
Miss O'Dyne would never forgive me if I missed putting in the ultimate eccentric Gavin P-P.
Like to go back in time (I wouldn't, no dunnies, pfft) but reading about it is just as good , actually better.
Lordy, is that the time? I must go, the sun is over the yardarm somewhere.


The Elephant's Child said...

Stylish yes. And I have taken your advice and have gone through and linked rather than using the http addresses. Thankyou.

Now I will have to follow your blogs up - though I did have a quick look at Antarctica (sigh).

Marshall Stacks said...

O'Dyne would have nominated you dear Coppy, except Ele's Child already did.
Where is your post about that underbelly alibi? gosh I want to know about that. come ON.

JahTeh said...

EC, I love icebergs, from a distance.

Eh, it's a right good story Stacks.
My clothed in mystery past.
I'm just frightened it might have been Robbert.

Elisabeth said...

It's wonderful to learn more about you here, JahTeh. Good on Elephant's Child for ferreting these 'truths' out.

Jayne said...

Oh, yes!!!!
I LOVE the bubble wrap *snort*

River said...

I'm ashamed to say I haven't yet got around to doing my own thank you, linky, meme for this award. I've been putting it off, trying to decide who to pass it to, who already has it....I think I've come up with a solution.

JahTeh said...

Elisabeth, my age isn't the only thing I lie about.

Jayne, did you like the manic mode?

River, I never follow the rules with memes and we're an incestuous little bunch so we'd all be linking back to each other. Give us something new.

R.H. said...

The three piece suit came from Savers.

The alibi, from a true friend.
The ultimate test.

R.H. said...

Mrs Moran put up an alibi of being at her son's grave. Worst alibi I've ever heard, how could he confirm it?

Ann O'Dyne said...

in her heart, Big Judy is always at the grave of her son. Don't ever fuck with a woman who has lost a child - they gain a special kind of vicious hatred for the world.

LOVE your new gravatar dear Coppy, and 'clout' is the WV door bitch, and you got it.

R.H. said...

Is that so. How would you know that. Did a snotnose at LP tell you?

R.H. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JahTeh said...

The Earl of Rochester wouldn't spit back at a Lady.

So it was you in the three piece, you weren't bad looking and you bought the beer and said, "Just watch mine while I see this bloke".
I saw you nick down the alley after him, you know the one beside The George Hotel. Came back and cleaned your knuckles and didn't get a drop on the three piece and said quietly, "I never left".

I searched the papers for days until I found the article in The Truth.

R.H. said...

Golly what an imagination. I've never worn a three piecer in my life. In fact there's only two occasions I'll have worn a suit at all: to go to court, and to get buried. The George in my day was open house, anything went, dogs trotted in one door and out the other. I've got a photo of abo chief Robbie Hunter, beads around his head, passed out on the floor while gripping an upright bottle of plonk. Robbie Hunter was a full blood abo, he gave me a mongrel pup that lived for twenty years -beyond his life and old St Kilda's, full of shitheads now, ponces and public servants, you know what I mean.

R.H. said...

Miss O'Dyne is always interesting, but gets bossy.

R.H. said...

Latte set you are still wholesome, no act is convincing (rude words that got a smack). Hygiene and thrift, croissants and carrot cake (look at my darling new shoes) bank botherers, deadheads; atheists.

JahTeh said...

Your Earlship, if Miss O'Dyne is bossy then she learned it at your knee and don't tell me you aren't bossy. I loathe latte, it's not coffee and they give it to you in those stupid glasses that are too hot to hold so you wait until it's cold enough to pick up and what's the point of cold coffee.

Old 'Three piece' was no bruiser, not a muscle in sight, tall, slight build and moderately handsome but I caught the danger signals and so did my girl friend, he had a two sheila alibi.
Some birds these days would have followed him down the alley and relieved him of the debt he'd just collected. We live in serious times Rochester.

R.H. said...

Rough birds from the old George: seventies/eighties would have rolled him.

I don't believe you were ever there.
One look and you'd never go in.

R.H. said...

I don't think human ruin is a good thing, but there's a lot of it and when it gathers in one place like Fitzroy or St Kilda because of cheap rent -no questions asked, I don't think it should be steam-rolled. And especially not by a middle-income crowd who want to live there themselves yet claim to have a social conscience. These progressives as they're now calling themselves are the only hope the buggered in society have but when it comes to big things they'll squash the poor straight away. That's what I've been saying, all along, they are materialist, not humanist, even social workers among them will rush like mad with a higher rent to boot some poor bastard out of his home so it can be done up.
Places like St Kilda get sanitised, painted over, but occasionally there's a reprise, a shock, like last year when a bloke got bashed to death outside a Yarraville pub, in sight of all the new cafes, cake shops and boutiques across the road.

A society raises its children and gets what it deserves, that's what I think.
Teenage Fat Janice and her pals robbed anyone respectable who strayed into the George. She helped out with poofter bashing too.
Most times she lay about sucking her thumb, like she'd been doing since a few years old.

Middle Child said...

so interesting!