Thursday, April 07, 2011

It's all downhill

I am a total hypocrite for signing a petition to do something positive about poker machines and then spending a couple of hours this afternoon in my small local, having a spin and a beer. This was due to the stresses of this morning after the hideous night I had. Stupid panic attacks in the dark upsetting the stomach, the mind and various other bodily parts. I had some gastrolyte to make sure I could stand long enough to get to the doc's and that took care of the 12 hour fast for blood tests. I had the flu vac in the opposite arm to the tetanus shot, not going down that road again. Had a weigh-in, oh lookey, lost weight. I'm not dumb enough to tell him his scales are crap and I'm 2kgs up on his. Pointed out all the pill prescriptions I need re-filling. He makes me promise to see the diabetes management woman even though she gets a hundred bucks or so UP FRONT, some of which I get back from medicare. I also promise to see the podiatrist to check if my feet are okay with diabetes. I show him how well my toe nail is growing back, nothing wrong with circulation there. He writes out blood test sheet anyway since I have to do it for DM in a fortnight. Then I stupidly say I haven't had blood pressure taken this year, only because I've been avoiding him. Oh crap, 188 over stroke. Well it's his fault for not taking it last December because he was too busy thinking about his holiday. I tell him it's family stress, he gives me more pills and says to do something relaxing for the rest of the day. Ha! It's shopping day and paying bills day and trying to work out 10 cans of cat food for $8. Don't ask, I ended up with 30 and had to count those 3 times. I remember to keep money in case Coles has better specials. Hike up to the second bus of the day which happens to go past my local. Sitting there happily with bells and whistles going off and mobile rings. Yes, it's fallen down to the bottom of the Tardis bag and off by the time I answer. Wouldn't you just know it, the Nursing Home. Ma dropped a hot cup of tea on herself and they have to inform me, the doctor's been informed in case the skin blisters and she's fine. Bugger, joyful afternoon is stuffed. I know she's fine but feel the need to go and re-assure her and the bus is right outside and my metcard doesn't expire til 5. I ring the BOH to bring in the important groceries, ice-cream top of the list. He feels the need to see mum and will pick me up. Cash in the coins and have two left over so I put them in the machine nearest the door where I could see the car pull up. $2 won me $83. It'll never happen again, not in a million years. So I wander in to the room and tell mother she really knows how to be a pest in my life. Person with mother in oppposite bed looks disprovingly but she's one of these, goo-gah lovey dear mummy daughters. If I did that with mine, she'd think she was dying. The only worry is blistering on her very fragile skin but the doctor will come immediately if that happens. She gets another visit tomorrow but only because Coles has bargains. So thanks Doc, it was a very relaxing afternoon, I must do it again but next time drink more beer so I'll be unable to answer the phone.


JahTeh said...


Elisabeth said...

No paragraphs and in that sense a tough read, but otherwise riveting reading.

Your life at present sounds grim and jolly rolled into one.

Please keep your heart and blood and humour circulating, along with the cat food and all should be well.

Andrew said...

It was a hard read without paras, but worth it. Ask River. She sorted out her lack of paras problem.

River said...

Pffft!! on the petition; you were meant to play the pokies today. $83 is clear evidence, the gods were in your favour.

Switch your "new post" window to "compose" instead of "edit html" and you'll have paragraphs.

Of course any pictures you load will then show up as code until you click publish....and I don't know how to switch it back to edit html. Grrr.

The Elephant's Child said...

Aaaargh. Day from hell. I liked that you were not shmaltzy with your mama. I couldn't be and the hospital staff (and the nursing home where she stayed briefly) pulled faces like cats bums every time they heard me.

Hopefully today is much more better.

Kath Lockett said...

Jahteh I agree - what is happening with Blogger's paragraphs? Try putting in photos and you're completely up the creek....

Sounds like a shocker of a day so if $83 was won, you deserve every penny.

R.H. said...

I had no trouble at all in reading this without paragraphs. They can make things clearer and I do use them myself mostly but they're an artifice; not the way things happen.

You should be ashamed to have been playing rotten poker machines while mother was spilling tea on herself and I'm sure you are.
You know the solution: give her the $83.


JahTeh said...

Elisabeth, a thought came to me as I dived into a bag of licorice allsorts, licorice elevates blood pressure. Back to the chocolate I think.

Put your glasses on Andrew. It's blogger's fault and blogger says I should go on to new editor but I haven't understood a word of the instruction.

River, I always use compose except when adding a link. html confuses me but then what doesn't. Yesterday I let a little old lady go in front of me at the checkout and she was so grateful it made me wonder how many times she'd been made to wait with her 5 items.

EC, we've never been a kissyIloveyoudarling family, we've never had to be. Without an insult she'd wonder who I was and I really don't believe in kissing residents in nursing homes when I've been out with mingling with the great unwashed.

Kath, try blogger dashboard and go to issues, one of which is paragraphs.
I like old blogger, I don't want to change and like River says, just reading about what to do with the photos scares me.

Robbert, dear, she didn't need any help from me spilling tea. I was very good, I used the money to buy a new purse to put the now and future winnings in.
I enjoy the machines but it does get boring and I go home but I've seen people just sitting there banging away at one machine, win, lose, win, lose. No enjoyment at all.
I like going because I'm in the middle of a crowd but I don't have to interact with them. I finished my beer before I left.`

R.H. said...


How common.

JahTeh said...

Rochester, by the glass, Tasmanian Cascade Light, icy cold.

Warm beer out of a stubby is common so's sipping Champers through a straw but I try not to do that in public.