Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wedding present.

Van Cleef & Arpels again and Princess Charlene of Monaco wearing the Ocean Necklace. It's made of diamonds and graduated coloured sapphires and I'd like it for Christmas.


The Elephant's Child said...

And some matching earrings.

River said...

Yes, definitely some matching earrings.

The girl looks a lot like Grace Kelly. Which of Grace's children is her parent? I don't remember.

Brian Hughes said...

Good to see the recesssion isn't biting everywhere.

Anonymous said...

River, Princess Charlene is not a Grimaldi Grandchild, but the new wife of Prince Albert. She is a South African of some sort.

Charlene Wittstock, who is now the Princess of Monaco, wore an Armani gown as she walked down the aisle at the Prince's Palace in Monaco on Saturday. Charlene and Prince Albert were married in a civil ceremony on Friday.

River said...

@ anonymous; thank you. She looks so much like Grace Kelly, I was sure she was a grandchild. From one of the daughters.

JahTeh said...

EC, the dress she was wearing was a wild fuschia colour so all she needed was the necklace. I hope you clicked and looked at the large photo.

River, she married Prince Albert, Grace's son and just before the wedding found out another love child was in the wings waiting for a paternity test.
Google her wedding dress, gorgeous.

Hughes, if you had the money, Michelle would be wearing this, you're such a softie and you'd probably buy one for each cat.

Right on anonymous, she was a South African swimming champion and deserves all the sparkly goodies she can get from Prince "can'tkeepthepantszipped".

River, most of the Grandkids look like their fathers, nothing like Grace.