Thursday, September 29, 2011

The demo was cancelled.

I was half way through Southland carrying Ma's worldly goods on my back, as usual, when she called and said the demo was cancelled so I didn't need to come. Obviously someone at The Body Shop did their homework and found out the home was 'high care'.

Then the rains came.

Well it was entertaining, the thunderstorm and resident mix.
Norman going round pulling all the curtains to stop the lightning coming in to get him and Eva pulling all the curtains to keep the thunder out.

Then the lights went out.

Some noticed, most didn't probably because all the curtains were shut. The lights came back on, flickered and went off, came back on. The last time it rained like this the ceiling fell in so mother kept her eyes on the roof.
The road out the front has a habit of flooding in a storm so there was a rush to get the cars re-parked. The last time two cars got caught with water in the engines. It's the huge gumtree that's blocking the drains but the Council says no to taking it out.
The escapee did it again. Hopped the fence early in the morning and was off. He doesn't know where he's going but he knows he's going.

Isn't this just typical Melbourne Show and school holiday weather?
I asked the BOH if he remembered me taking them to the Show. He said he didn't remember much except that I had harnessed them like a horse. Que? Light dawns as I cast my mind back and I was much better at lateral thinking in those days, I used the dogs' leashes and clipped them to the back of their belts. For some reason he thought that was worse. I thought it was brilliant.
He then brought up a list of complaints about his childhood clothing being 'daggy'. I reminded him that his mother did dress him at times, most notably for his kindy photo. The first and only time she did anything remotely motherish during his school years. Red skivvy, jeans and a mohair jumper that mum had knitted, shame his mother put it on inside out and we could see all the seams in the photo. He's currently hunting for the photo so he can have a piece of his mother.

I hated going to the Show. I never had a good time ever. Yesterday with it's strong wind reminded me of horse/pig/sheep/goat odour and straw in the eyes. The boys weren't all that interested and the BOH with his farming blood would nearly upchuck if he got too close to any animal that smelled and usually found the only horse/pig/sheep/goat pile of crap and stood in it.
I suppose the fondest memory was telling son to watch the horse. He said, "what horse?" and turned around and nearly disappeared up the back end of the biggest draught horse I've ever seen. That learned him to listen to his mother. Thank Ceres, they were never much interested in agriculture.


Andrew said...

People seem to have a problem with harnesses for toddlers now. I can't see why. What better way to keep your child with you? I am sure I had to wear one at times, which might explain why.......ah, no, won't go there. A dog leash is a good substitute.

Elisabeth said...

It's funny how we associate the weather with events like the show. I remember it always being cold and windy as well. But here in Melbourne I don't imagine they could ever get the dates right. It's all so unpredictable.

This is such a fantastic post, rollicking through your mother's home and back in time to your children's experience of the show. Thanks.

The Elephant's Child said...

I am so so sad that the demo was cancelled. I was counting on it to brighten my day. Has the escapee been found?
I remember shows as being smelly, noisy places. Didn't like them as a child, don't like them now.

JahTeh said...

Well I thought so Andrew, but funny what kids remember. He didn't remember what a little bleeder he was and 37 years on I still can't get out of the habit of carrying a least 6 bandaids in my purse.

Elisabeth, it either started out raining and ended sunny or vice versa and we so looked forward to our one day holiday. School holidays hadn't been broken into four back then. And the ABC used to telecast all the sheep dog trials and the Garryowen.

EC, a mad chase up the street by two staff caught him.
My first boyfriend took me for a ride on the MadMouse and kissed me in the train on the way home. We didn't last, he had blackheads in his ears which I hadn't noticed until he got up close in kissing range.

River said...

I don't enjoy going to the show either. The crowds, the noise, the heat, all combine to make the day uncomfortable for me, then I get a migraine. I haven't been in years and don't plan on going again, ever.
I agree with Andrew, a safety harness for a toddler is so much better than having to carry the kid everywhere and they don't wander off into machinery or strange people's cars that way.

JahTeh said...

River, it's a shame the ABC can't broadcast some of the show things for us who can't stand the reality. I, for one, would love an on the cakes and preserves with a judge telling us what they look for. Same with the sheepdogs and I don't even know if they have the grand parade anymore.
It could have been worse for the boys, I could have tied them to the pram with the whinging kid. He never stopped from the moment we walked in til he got home with an obscene amount of showbags.

R.H. said...

When I was very young a bloke at the Show had a big set of scales and offered to guess your weight for five bob. Before you got on he'd give you an intense appraisal and pat you down a bit. He allowed himself a margin for error, I forget what it was. A family up the road had a hefty grown daughter among them and they pushed her forward to get on but she wouldn't. Her refusal became folklore.

R.H. said...

I forgot to say there was a prize if he was too far off the mark.

Ann O'Dyne said...

oh drat the BodyShop, your post on it would have been fabulous.

Hardly any animals at the show these days.
Monday was gloriously hot there, in total contrast to subsequent days.
Hail here today and f.r.eezing.

I do hope BOH finds the jumper photo and confronts his mum.
one ticket please.

R.H. said...


Geelong by eight goals!

R.H. said...

Meatloaf by fifty kilos.

Gerry said...


JahTeh said...

Robbert, I always thought that was an exclusive American thing.
Geelong by eight goals? Who won?

Bear, not you too. Bloody football, Brownlow bimbos and end of season sex and sin headlines.

Don't pay them any money until the year is over and they haven't crapped in their own nest.

Annie O, the show was either stinking hot or freezing cold and last week was freezing everywhere except in England where they were having a heatwave, 90degrees.
I used to love the cat judging, the cats looked so superior to the gawking hoomins.

R.H. said...

Geelong actually won by seven, the mug goal umpire awarded a goal to Collingwood that was really a point. I've placed a nice advert for you on Miss Cat.