Monday, December 05, 2011

The Christmas Gobsmack

I couldn't resist the Christmas lights and the wish that some rampaging cat would have done this to the whole 40 kms we were forced to put up.

Every Christmas I usually end up not speaking to my sister which is why I buy a present for her early in the year before the declaration of war.

But this year she has excelled herself and I'm still trying to work out if I was insulted on purpose, insulted by her not thinking, her being concerned for my well being. I could just go on and on trying to work it out.

It came at the end of the phone call about Doc Marvin along with a few other snippy bits she threw in and I'd forgotten about it until last night. I am not approaching Alz, I was just tired from the day and sick of her attacks on me so I just let it slide.

I was told very forcefully not to donate or sell mum's wheelchair when she goes. 'The Wheelchair", the one costing 6 grand with a pool and room for a pony. She has never had a pressure sore or been uncomfortable in it and it is so heavy I can't push it. And why am I not to try and recover some of this money? You do remember that Elvis hasn't left the room yet and it's still being used.

Well, you see, it's very likely that I will need it for myself.



R.H. said...

How are you up so early.

Andrew said...

I call that smart planning for your old age.

JahTeh said...

Crikey Robbert, I was up early and I was already into the porridge and without coffee.

Andrew, I call it bloody cheek because she sounded as though I'd be needing it next week.
As long as the lovely R is around to carry my bag, I will manage. You're younger so you can carry me if I falter.

The Elephant's Child said...

Gobsmack snap. Sanctimonious pains in the butt. When my mother died, my middle brother (pretentious twit) said that we should not sell or dispose of any of my mother's various aids because I would need them. He was holding a half empty box of continence pants when he made this pronouncement. And yes, the implication was that I would need them the week after that.

JahTeh said...

Lovely EC, how many did you manage to stuff down his throat before he fell on his knees begging for mercy?

The Elephant's Child said...

To my eternal shame, none. I just looked at him, with my jaw hanging somewhere near my knees.

River said...

Gobsmacked yes, but in a good way. The wheelchair IS comfortable,(no pressure sores), it has a pool and room for a pony to keep you company.