Saturday, April 14, 2012

From the home front

IE8 and I have had a little discussion and if it behaves then I'll stay with it but I've imported all bookmarks to both Firefox and Google Chrome and I can change anytime IE8 annoys me.  Thank you to Antikva for all your advice and see I've put a link in, something I wasn't happy about doing at Firefox.

I mean I did love my little orange cat icons but using it was like wearing a cardy two sizes too small with burrs in it.  I suppose I would have gotten used to it if I was using it for more than an hour a day but we're back where I started and I feel my computer is ning-nong friendly again.

The home hunting is still going on. I just wish it wasn't left to someone who can't remember whether to wipe her nose or blow her bum.  I'm so hopeful I've started to clean up, washing the cutlery and the other dishes.  Tonight I should have a brand new ladder with wide steps, only two, and a big can of undercoat paint.

I've spent two days finishing up most of my jewellery projects and there will be photos. I can't seem to remember that I have an instant camera.  The earrings I finally got around to making were so nice, swarovski crystal pearls in powder rose, that I went back to the website and bought 35 12mm pearls for a matching necklace.  No, I didn't need a matching necklace but it will look nice when I'm hanging out the washing.  And I just love magnetic necklace and bracelet clasps. The joy of not strangling oneself trying to unhook a stupid teeny clasp.

Next on the list is enhancing my natural hair colour.  Two inches of white hair is enough to tell me I wouldn't be happy looking my age, the face is bad enough and don't ask about the weight, never ask about the weight.  I'm not supposed to use anything until the eye and sinus trouble clears up but it's taking forever and depression will overtake me if I look in the mirror once more and see Miss Haversham looking back.

My ladder has just arrived, lovely big wide steps but will plastic steps take a 120kgs load?
That's what it says and it's not like I'm going to be standing on them for hours at a time but when 6'4" leaves I'll have to change the smoke alarm and the light bulbs myself.  As for the undercoat, that will go on when I have taken all his tools out of and off the cupboard I need to paint.  I must remember to spray considering the size of the redback that disappeared behind it last time I tried to clean up.

And a big thank you to River for sending Captain Mal to keep me company. 


The Elephant's Child said...

Magnetic clasps rock. And of course one needs pearls when one is hanging the washing.
A while back I had rubber gloves which were designed to look like evening gloves with dainty buttons stencilled on and a ridiculours fake fur trim. Inspired silliness.
Please take care on those steps though.

River said...

I never wear pearls while hanging the washing, I prefer something glittery to catch and flash in the sunlight. Pearls and aprons are for the cake baking. Today I baked a banana and walnut loaf, no sugar, sweetened with honey. The recipe is new to me, I got it from Delores at
Like EC said, please be careful on the steps.
Glad you like Captain Tightpants.

Andrew said...

Yes, do be careful on the steps to not do a Molly. Difficult clasps are for young men to sort out. The harder they are to do up or undo, the longer they have their hands on you. With my shaky hands, and not great close up eyesight, don't ask me.

JahTeh said...

EC, I'm slowly replacing as many clasps as possible. Usually I make my necklaces long enough to put over my head and never pull the clasps apart, slide them open, much easier.

River, I can almost taste that loaf. The steps are very wide and there's only two but the handle is high so when standing on the top step there's something between me and fresh air.

Thank you Andrew, magnetic clasps it is.
I got the giggles then, thinking of the brilliant innovation of zip fasteners instead of the buttons that would keep you busy in the trouser department.

R.H. said...

When the girls lived here they called me tightarse. They'd yell it in public. I really wasn't that way at all but it gave them so much joy I felt obliged to live up to it.