Monday, June 25, 2012

To get this image the astrophotographer waited two years for the sky and clouds to be just right on a clear and moonless night.
At the Piton de l'Eau on Reunion Island, Luc Perrot was lucky.  In the foreground is a water filled volcanic crater and above are hundreds of stars including the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy. 

I needed something beautiful like this after seeing photographs of Aunt Selma today.  Mum's 82, identical sister is the same age, she just looks 100.  I would have passed her on the street and not known who she was and to think, she always said she was the prettier one. So my sisters in blogging, don't smoke, don't lose weight and purge mean thoughts and deeds from your mind or you're going to look 100 when you're only 82.  

The Home was such a pleasure this afternoon, NOT.  The full moon isn't until July 4 so I can only assume they're getting in some practice before the gleaming globe hits the night sky and unlike the image above, it ain't gonna be pretty.
Eva got hit by a truck yesterday. I'd believe it, trucks go through the day room all the time and it would explain the over the top fruitcake performance excelled only by quiet Eddy who, since his fall out of bed, has developed the language of a wharf labourer with a smattering of sheep shearer.  He wandered into the day room in full voice, sat down at the piano, belted the keys and slammed the lid shut.  That didn't take the edge off his mood so he did it several more times while mum and I waited for him to lose his fingers.

The escapee has slowed right down, now in a tub chair and gone into the twilight zone.  We lost Sheila last week and old Joe fell out of bed and lost his eye but he didn't mind, it was the one he couldn't see out of.
And the gold fish died.  I think Aunt Selma looked at it and turned it to stone.  Now I am a caring person but my care tank is running on empty tonight.  No doubt I look 90.  I'll look a 100 if the homeless are still homeless when he gets home.


River said...

I'm wondering now if Luc Perrot just sat in that one spot for two years, waiting, while minions brought him food and water.
Also wondering if the Home residents are getting in their full moon shenanigans early in case they don't make it to July 4. Fingers crossed for the homeless being housed, far enough away from you that they can't drop in every day/week.
Making mean thoughts, no smoking, no losing weight...
Well, I've got the no smoking part already. Not too many mean thoughts here either, mostly about politicians and that doesn't count, right?

Jayne said...

Sometimes it's coming up to and coming off the full moon that does it, depending if the weather has been wickledly wild (think North wind blowing a gale).
Poor Aunt Selma, wearing her inner thoughts on her dial.
The fish is in a better place away from Medusa.

Kath Lockett said...

I think I've got the 'no losing weight' advice down pat already.

July 4th is the full moon, eh? I'll be sure to stay indoors as the Swiss will seize on anything to let off firecrackers.

JahTeh said...

River, he might have been smart enough to read the weather report but still it was a damned long wait, worth it though.
As far as I know the homeless still are.

Jayne, I've seen barmy but yesterday or maybe it's just that mum keeps to her room when I'm visiting. All the better to boss me around and not share the custard tart.

Kath, the staid Swiss love firecrackers?
Poor Milly and speaking of Milly I saw somewhere the other day, little doggie boots for winter but browser trouble meant I lost the page.

Middle Child said...

That photo is something...had to print it out - don't know why it looks better on screen. I have two sisters who think they are the lookers in the family but their mean natures are visibly aging them and just because they are as skinny as rats doesn't make them look any better...

Middle Child said...

July the 4th full Moon o golly. Its Don's 62nd birthday and the date my lovely Mum dropped dead in 1993 - shithouse time of the year really for if I go do lally I can blame the moon

JahTeh said...

MiddleChild, I always blame the full moon for everything. I have a few nasty dates in July as well. And you're right, the nasties just never look any better no matter how old they are.