Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You know it's this close to Christmas....

My third or fourth Christmas dinner at the Home, a silver bullet, please.
My dentist's visit and everything is fine.
Pathology after an 8 hour fast.  Yes, drink water, you can drink water but not with fluid tablets even if you don't take them today.  
One of life's stupid rules. Busting for a loo which the pathology place has but everything dries up as soon as the receptionist says, "fill this".  Obviously I hadn't drunk enough and I know that "Neon" colours are in this year but that bottle was almost glowing.  Nothing like watching blood drain away into little vials and know it's done for another six months.  
So that's two vital jobs for me done for me.  Only the diabetes review and the podiatrist.
Does Mother remember?
She does remember Rainbow fundraiser for tomorrow and has given me several instructions which I have ignored.
She has also reminded me of the Ladies Hat parade on Oaks Day. Not going.
Also not going to Farm Animals Day.
Impossible to get out of going to Christmas Party though or Christmas dinner.

The list of blogs I can't comment at is growing daily so I am reading just not leaving my usual witty comments/abuse.  The only thing I can do is to read blogs with IE which lets me comment and switch back to Firefox. A real pain in the butt. Google has become incompatible with Firefox and won't even let me have a Google toolbar. Usually you can't get rid of Google toolbar.  There is a way of making it do what I want but unless I suddenly become a computer genius, it's a no go.

Diet, oh don't even ask.  After the meltdown at the Home with the fairycake aftermath, I resolved to be really good, so good my BGL dropped to 3.8 and that brought on a sweet dose of the shakes.  Overcompensated and it went soaring up, still with the shakes.
Panic attacks, only the usual 2 or 3 a day leading up to the Christmas stress when it becomes habitual for me to hide under the bed hugging the dust bunnies for comfort.

The tomato plants and the banana chilli are still sitting in water where I left them 3 weeks ago. They seem to be  happy so I'm reluctant to give them a pot plant filled with dirt, no fancy schmancy potting mix going to waste here since I doubt I'll beat the possums to any fruit they produce.  I'd really like to have green fingers and produce my own veggies but death and destruction seems to follow wherever I linger in the garden.  Another week in the water won't kill them.

I'd love to say I'll bring you a full report of tomorrow's fun and games but I'm hoping to drink two glasses of wine and not remember anything just like Mother.


Ann O'Dyne said...

This year I have to send cards saying I am not Christian and therefore it would be hypocrisy to commemorate the birth of baby Jesus. with cake. or wine. etc.
Well done on your To Do list, and good luck with the '2 wines' intention.

The Elephant's Child said...

Yay for the lovely and honest Ms O'Dyne.
I am deliberately not considering Christmas. If all goes to the plans of he who I share a life with he will be recuperating from more surgery.
Naughty words. Rather a lot of them.
Your tasks achieved list impressed me. And two glasses of wine sounds like heaven.

River said...

Dentist AND pathology?
Well done.
I'm avoiding pathology because I know they'll tell me to get my cholesterol down, but I probably should go to check for diabetes, just because my mum had it.
My dental clinic keeps calling me to cancel my appointments and reschedule. For three months now. If they cancel the next one, I'm going somewhere else.
When is the Christmas dinner?

R.H. said...
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JahTeh said...

Annie O, any day I get to eat cake I celebrate. I think I might walk through the bottle shop and grab a can or two of Black Ice Vodka. Their wine is usually undrinkable.

EC, if it all goes as the other surgeries did, he might still be in hospital. Is the sister coming for another visit?

River, if I went back for the Diabetes review for the third time without the dentist, I might have been in trouble. The Christmas Dinner is on the day but beforehand is the Christmas Party and I don't want to know what day.

Robbert, everyone gets along with Jesus, it's what they did to his religious teachings that annoy me.
Like I said, I celebrate eating cake day.

R.H. said...

I enjoy crazy bum preachers. I don't enjoy ugly mean and vicious horsefaces like Miss Deveny.
A comedian it calls itself. Good heavens, she's about as funny as getting your cock caught in your zip.

Anonymous said...

in cases of zips and cocks, problem solved swiftly with two pairs of pliers to part the zip. A doctor told me this.

x x Marshall Stacks

JahTeh said...

Thank you Stacks for the handy hint. I gather one pair of pliers is for the zip and the other pair for the holding of trapped cock. It's the only way I'd touch one.

And if anyone's interested in another handy hint, I recommend Smirnoff's Black Ice Vodka to smooth the way through a fund raising afternoon at a nursing home.
I'm very mellow.

R.H. said...

Big woman I've always understood your hubby did a runner but after hearing that I'm thinking he ran for his life.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, perhaps he just found more gentler hands to paw his ego.

Kath Lockett said...

"I'm hoping to drink two glasses of wine and not remember anything just like Mother" ABSOLUTELY!

Middle Child said...

Just drink the bloody wine and hopefully it will all fade into nothingness -take care

JahTeh said...

Kath, I really do love the Black Ice Vodka and I can pass it off as lemonade.

MiddleChild, I'm reading your blog and must see if I can comment there again. Damn blogger keeps changing the formats.

Middle Child said...

Doing a big catch up Jahteh - got a bit lost and am looking forward to now reading your December stories