Sunday, December 02, 2012

Let's talk about the fat problem.

No, it's not me but this is what 25 stone, 300 lbs or 151 kgs looks like and that is what I weigh  and this is what I look like.  The body actually belongs to and English woman who has lost 13 stone.

'I knew I was bigger but it didn’t really bother me. I was a bubbly person.
'When you’re big, you never think: "I best not eat that take away." You just eat it.

And eat she did, in her words, she loved kebabs and MacDonalds but a normal portion wasn't enough so at age 25 she weighed in at 25 stone.
She had a gastric bypass and it wasn't painless, it's an operation on your insides and comes with pain. 
Before the operation, she had to go on a liquid diet for a month to help shrink her liver - and she shed three and a half stone. 
'The next few months were hard. I had to get my head around the new eating plan. For the first two weeks, I could only drink fluids.
'Slowly, I started eating food but much smaller portions.
'Eating out wasn’t easy. I had to watch my family tucking into a nice meal while I had soup or a salad but fitting into a smaller dress size felt much better than any food could make me feel.'
Laura, who is now a trim size 12, warns surgery isn’t an easy way out and she has worked hard to maintain her figure.
She said: 'Everyday is a battle. I’ve joined a slimming group to take control of what I eat and I go to the gym four times a week.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?  If you read it carefully and between the lines, she's fitting into a smaller dress size but she's had to alter her entire personality to do it.  Personally I think she was talked into doing this and if she could lose three and a half stone on a liquid diet and had the willpower to do it for a month then the doctor should have encouraged her to keep going.  So everyday is still a battle with food and it will be a battle for the rest of her life.  Food will always be at the forefront of her mind.  That bubbly personality has been chained by surgery to be replaced by a dress size state of mind.  
Apart from the physical problems I always have with any abdominal surgery. I mean you could play snakes and ladders on my body using the stitch marks.  I would not be happy living my life in fear of food, I have enough anxiety about blubber now.  And to top it off, scientists have found that genetic markers for obesity also share genes for happiness.  Suck it up skinny hoomins, your constant harping is depressing me and making me forget where I hid the biscuits.


Kath Lockett said...

Such a tough one - I enjoy every single mouthful and dread the day when my body packs up completely and there'll be no form of exercise I can do to work some of it off....

Gastric rhymes with 'drastic' which is surely not a coincidence?

The Elephant's Child said...

It reminds me of the women who have had their breasts enlarged - for themselves of course, their husbands/boyfriends had nothing to do with the decision. Though mind you if the genetic markers for obesity and happiness are in a shared space, I shudder to think of just how miserable I could be at say a size 12.

River said...

Since I started with the weight watchers frozen dinners I've lost exactly 1 1/2 kilos. Not a great amount, but then I haven't eaten exclusively weight watchers foods either, and I think losing weight slowly will allow the skin to adjust and maybe not hang like curtains when I reach my smaller jeans size.
Gastric bypasses are not even considered, what a horrible thing to do to myself.

Pearl said...

Anything that makes you forget where the goodies have been stashed should be against the rules.

I'm roughly 25 pounds overweight. I don't care for it, although I think I look fine. What I don't care for is the fact that I seem to have developed an issue with flour, which means eating cakes and cookies now comes with a price (one best not discussed in polite conversation!).


JahTeh said...

Kath, it's for life as it's not like lap banding which can be reversed. One of the commenters spoke of going to a self help group for people with the gastric by-pass and all they talk about is food and how much they miss a full meal.

EC, sometimes I wonder if the tables were reversed and women looked at mens genitals and said they'd like the balls a little larger but diddle a little off the piddler. Not that I go round thinking of what's hidden behind zippers, my mind is too delicate for that.

River, exactly what you should do and the skin does shrink with you. All those biggest loosers end up in hospital having the excess sliced off with a front end loader.

Pearl, gluten free is the way to go. I've even seen gluten free ice-cream although I can't figure out where the gluten comes from in ice-cream. What the experts forget to tell us when they're raving is that we are also much taller and bigger framed than we used to be. Depression and a World War kept us small if it didn't kill us outright.

Ann O'Dyne said...

liquid diet got rid of 3 stone?
Bombay Sapphire is liquid, so I'm good to go.

JahTeh said...

O'Dyne, you just reminded me to put ice cubes in the freezer and don't forget the diet tonic. I have no idea what's in tonic water that they have to make a diet one.

Middle Child said...

I was sitting with a really decent and funny husband and wife yesterday - have known them since 1978 - on and off - she like me had put on a bit of weight but looked happy and he obviously loves her to death - she was complaining about having big breasts - and they were...and I couldn't resist - just said "I'll bet your husband doesn't mind them - people pay money for that" he just laughed and laughed - ...hope she can see them in a different light now - takes all sirts to make a world and what we don't like about ourselves might make someone else pretty happy - but as you say more important your own state of mind too.