Sunday, December 23, 2012

What's that saying about Angels hiding at Christmas?

I debated about whether Southland would be good today or better tomorrow.  Would my leg be worse than today? It would have been okay if I hadn't stretched the tendon stepping onto the scales, right foot first then the left, dumb. Weight is stationary at humongous.  A clue, I needed a clue so I rang for a taxi and got straight through, good, the drunks are home from last night.

I get money from the bank for mum, have breakfast/lunch and wander downstairs for the paper and food but the cherries aren't in yet.  Maybe just two mince pies for afters on  Christmas Day, so it's limp, limp to Bakers Delight and what a struggle to ignore all the lovely loaves of bread and the wafting smell of baking.

Then right in front of me is a golden haired munchkin that barely came to my dodgy knees.
She was holding a bunch of pink flowers wrapped in cellophane and was giving them to me. I looked around for parents, thinking she just wanted me to hold them for her but her mother just shrugged and said the child insisted I should have them.  When I thanked her I was rewarded with the most wonderful smile.

I am now thoroughly spooked. Two moments of unexpected kindness in a week.  There be Angels abroad in the world.


Fenstar de Luxe said...

aw how lovely is that! I daren't go near Southland!!

Ann O'Dyne said...

1. just don't go near any Baked Goods. All diets suggest avoiding 'Baked Goods'. Do not torture yourself with the aroma.

2. the pink flowers - what a fabulous moment. lovely mother. Christmas spirit. Bless them, and wishing you more of it.

River said...

There be Angels everywhere at this time of year. How lovely to get flowers from one of them.
I see you're having mince pies....well, I won't send any just yet then. Too many won't leave you any room for other Christmas goodies. Like ham. And cherries.

The Elephant's Child said...

What a truly wonderful thing to happen. Tomorrow early (well before the skinny portion is up) I am going shopping for the ingredients for my fruit salad. It will probably take me the rest of the day to chop it all up - but it will be mine, all mine. And, teamed with a new book (or two) and some bubbly I will be content.
I hope your third angel appears very soon.

R.H. said...

This rings a bell because strangers made friendly comments to me twice today at Northcote plaza. I think it's common in Europe and I did it myself when I was off my head in America.
That's a lovely thing from the little girl. I'm sure it will stay with you.

JahTeh said...

Fen, it wasn't too bad this morning so I would say tomorrow will be hell. I'll go back towards the end of the week for the tiny glass Christmas tree with baubles. It's my rule up there never to backtrack so I missed getting it.

Annie O, I love fresh sourdough sandwiches on a hot night, better than cooking. She was such a little sweetie of a child and I was gobsmacked.

River, only two and the filling was the best yet. I was really pissed about the cherries since it was all over the news last night about what a great crop for this year but not in yet.

EC, mango and orange diet jelly and peaches with low fat yoghurt will do just as well and you've just reminded me to put the peach sparkling wine in the fridge.

Robbert, I used to do that to children at the craft market. They'd go through the box of trinkets I had for $2 and when they finally picked one, I'd say it was on special for 50cents. I used to love watching the faces and they were never greedy to ask for another.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

I went to Thrift Park at 4pm today and it was busy, but not too manic. What a stupid name Thrift Park is btw.

Helen said...

You deserved it!
Belated happy Xmas to you, hoped you survived OK. Hosted it at our house this year so I'm still a gibbering wreck.