Friday, December 07, 2012

Where did our grogblogs go?

I set this as wallpaper and after looking at it for a while, had a giggle.  It looked so like every grogblog I'd ever been to and I started to pick out penguins who reminded me of us old time bloggers.
Miss O'Dyne and Lord Sedgwick would agree with me.  The rather cliquey mob on the right hand side, probably the literary types.  The sharp beak penguin having a go on the left with his victim, leaning back from the blast.  I'm sure I recognize a notorious wine lover about to go a step too far over the side of the berg. A shame I can't see the flippers, the overly large ones would belong to MiLord S.  Rh always threatened to turn up but we never saw him and the running joke was that he was disguised as a potted palm as there always seemed to be one lurking.
The more I look at this, the more I remember about those days of early blogging. We all knew each other online, romances blossomed, dislikes intensified with face to face meetings. The funny bloggers were just as funny in real life, the earnest ones just as earnest and sober bloggers, I doubt there were too many of them.
Now there are big blog affairs and big discussions in big venues but they'll never have quite the atmosphere of those hole-in-the-wall up an alley way bars where seats were hard, wait staff non-attentive and the sound level would drown the noise of a 747.  All it took was an email with a secret squirrel address and we'd be there.
We've all moved to Facebook for virtual meetings (not me) and we've all added years and grey hairs and in Sedgwick's case, longer feet.  Oh for the good old days of younger livers and more supple bodies. In Miss O'dyne's case, she did a medal winning slide off a bench seat, went under the table and emerged smiling on the other side.  Shame about the broken wine glass we had to hide in the flower arrangement.  But thank goodness for the absence of camera phones.


River said...

It's nice to look back on fun times. I think if I'd done similar things, but without the drinking, (I'll have a pepsi thanks), I might not have been so overwhelmed at AusBlogCon.
Then again, maybe not.

Elephant's Child said...

That does sound like so much fun. I am not good in large gatherings, but the hole in the wall affairs are a different matter entirely. Someday...

Unknown said...

...that's why I just don't/can't/won't go to the Big Blog events - too many people and a lot are there to flog their books or get more subscriptions etc.

R.H. said...

Reluctantly I come out of my commenting closet to reveal that I would indeed be a potted palm at a grog blog. It's why I never went.

JahTeh said...

River, I don't think we lied so much about ourselves in the young days of blogging. What you read was what you met up with.

EC, I'm talking real hole in the wall bars. Once you had a seat that was it, no room to wander.

Kath, we had nothing to flog back then. I think the money making side of the big blogs takes something away but that's called progress.

Rh, you always promised to be there and "spotting Robbert" was a grand game to play.

R.H. said...

Spotting Robbert. A grogblog game. How touching. Really, I'm so pleased. I don't remember ever promising to attend but may have just to create mischief. Anne O'Dyne with her smouldering allure did attempt to sell me the idea once in an email. I remember looking at the grogblog photos later and feeling delighted; I so much want these things to succeed.

And anyway, I'm not offended, truly, but I'm sure in the game of Spotting Robbert fingers pointed at some dirty old drunk.

Ann ODyne said...

gosh we had some fun Coppy - thanks for the reminder. That under-table exit of mine was made possible by that 3rd bottle we ordered, and the need for the last train to Farksville and I made it, comatose for 90 minutes.
The 16 bloggers who came to Bendigo Gallery for the French couture on such a hot day were our best gang.
I did scan all the faces in Footscray when I house-sat there last winter. Nobody looked like an R H.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, dear, the dirty old drunks were the bloggers.

Annie O, it was the only way to exit from that vile bar with it's hard benches and long tables. It was more an Elizabethan tavern and doss house than bar.
We are and always have been suited to more elegant establishments.

Middle Child said...

I used to post so much on the blogspot - stupidly joined facebook which I think I am going to cut back on - apart from the fact my daughters post some really funny stuff - the old days of blogging were amazing - your posts still are - must get back into it and just write New years resolution!!!