Monday, January 21, 2013

I wish I had a jacuzzi.

I really am fair f'knackered.  Lying back in a nice bubbling jacuzzi would feel good right about now.
I have been moving furniture, his furniture down the hallway and his clothes.  When I couldn't move another thing, I rang for him to call in on his way home.  Now the sewing machine is under the window and the sofa bed is along the wall.  Photos will be posted when I can be arsed looking for the camera.
All he took with him was his mozzie zapper, his expensive aftershave and a photo of the little mother. He left me the soldering iron with no solder, damn. I was looking forward to playing with that.
I have a ginormous bruise on my right leg, various small ones on arms and a hole in the wall where I dropped the tv off the wheelie table.  It's around the corner so I'll whack some  polyfiller in it.  The tv probably isn't working anyway. He brought it here because his flat screen and her crt one didn't fit in the small space they have. Plausible deniability when he picks it up in about 5 years.
I did have one small moment of crisis.  I couldn't push the computer table, I had to pull it and yes, maybe I should have taken everything off it first but hey, I was moving as much as possible without lifting.  So moved table between two piles of books, I've already moved one pile around the corner, I wasn't about to do that again.  But I did it beautifully, great fit, no problem except one.  I couldn't get out. I couldn't push it forward because of the books.  So take the damn computer off and put it  behind me, take the flat screen, take the keyboard and all the cords then push it out.  Then go back in a re-load with all the crap and do the tango with the books again.
I tell you, it was primal scream time there for a few moments.
But the house feels like it's almost mine again.  I have a sewing room.  You lot have a chance of getting Christmas in July presents.  After I go through this Italian wedding book I spotted in the bookcase and couldn't resist a peek.  We're talking high class Italian wedding couture here, lace to die for.
Now to wash hair, shower and think about all of my stuff I now have to move. The boxes are on wheels, most of them and I'll stack the smaller ones on top. Memo to self, do not push it with your foot, it hurts.


River said...

Snap! I have to wash my hair too...but I'll pass on shifting furniture and books around. at least until I've had a good long rest, like a year or two.
Well done on getting your house back!
If I'd found a book on Italian wedding dresses, I'd still be looking at it. Those gowns are gorgeous.
I got my sewing machine fixed, but have absolutely no interest in sewing anything. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

R.H. said...

Brickman should be doing that heavy work; but then I wouldn't get a laugh at you trapped and unable to get at the fridge. I call it providence.

JahTeh said...

River, I have wedding books from the 80s including 20 of these Italian ones are at least 4cm thick. Nice to look back at the changing styles. As for the machine, how nice to be able to just walk in and stitch something.

Robbert, he moved the heavy machine and the sofa bed which I had no strength left to do.
I really didn't think how I would get out for about 5 minutes. If I had shifted all 3 piles of books there'd have been no problem.

Fen said...

aaah I really want a jacuzzi now too!

JahTeh said...

Fen, after getting up 3 times last night to put an icepack on my spine, I reeeally wanted a jacuzzi.