Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Told you not to write her off.

Yesterday, breathing laboured, oxygen, potassium, antibiotics and saline.
Worst food I've ever seen and I may never diss the cook at the Home again.
Today, breathing much better, no blood germs, lung germs on the run and the Doctor is prepared to let her back to the Home with a outside nursing plan for continued antibiotics. 
That means a team comes in to administer antibiotics/drugs by injection and checks if she still needs oxygen. 
She will be in bed for some time while she gets strength back and further on down the track she might need more treatment from the team.
And this could all happen on Friday which means I have only one more day to go to the hospital and believe me, I'm celebrating by hitting the coffee bar they have there and eating the best of the 50 or so yum cakes on display.  I've held off this long but I'm weakening fast.
Today's lunch was just an egg sandwich on the run so I have to make something that's fast. Soup and toast sounds good to me.
Actually I have to open the soup can, toast will do.


The Elephant's Child said...

Her sister must really be a bitch. I will post that tiny care package on my way to LL tomorrow.

Ann O'Dyne said...

I certainly didn't write her off. I worry she will outlive you - JUST because those cakes are in a hospital does not mean they are good for you.
PLEASE avoid all baked goods until you are as slim as Olive Oyl.
You must be exhausted, so I hope right now your feet are UP and you are relaxed.

River said...

I hoped she would pull through, glad to hear it.
The hospital has yummy cakes? Perhaps you should buy some to take home, to freeze so you have some when you need comfort food....

R.H. said...

When I was a boy in Prahran the Alfred was known as a blood house. It was dreadful: grey walls, dingy corridors, and nurses looking like Catherine Deveny.
Glad to hear some good news about mother, I think she misses ringing you up on the old landline phone to ask where you've hidden it, I miss her doing that too.

Kath Lockett said...

Oh ...... she sure IS a fighter, isn't she?

Eat all the cake - good cakes and coffee and chocolate should be made available for FREE to anxious relatives and friends forced to sit in hospitals.

Andrew said...

Good news. Now do eat sensibly. At least get some fruit by putting jam on your toast.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

Cakes you say...

Glad to hear that she's on the up, very positive news.

Middle Child said...

Sounds that things are easing - hopefully by now she is out of hospital

JahTeh said...

EC, care package arrived this morning and I did not touch it. Saving for weekend coffee while relaxing.

Annie O, if anything will turn me off a cake it's having to clean Ma's false teeth. And I'll never be slim.

River, good thing I didn't read this yesterday. Fancy me not thinking of freezing cakes.

Robbert, the damn place is huge now and first thing to suss out is the toilet.
I missed the road rage punch up outside the Alfred.

Kath, she's from the future, she's a terminator made from that indestructible alloy and the only way I'll get rid of her is to dump her in molten metal and make sure she doesn't leave an arm behind.

Andrew, funny you should say that, I did have jam this morning but the toast was wholemeal grain.

Fen, you must check out the food hall, so big I missed the frozen yoghurt, my favourite.

MC, see next post, she arrived last night.