Saturday, March 02, 2013

No, I wouldn't consider this, ever.

So, I'm catching up on my reading.  It's March and I'm just finishing New Scientist for January 12 and I came across this article which I consider to be truly moronic.  It's bad enough the obesity and fat bashing us largies cop every day in the news and this doesn't help the notion that fat people are idiots deliberately eating themselves to death.

You know my views about gastric bypass surgery by now, I hate it.  Well now let's look at this system built by Aspire Bariatrics of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The idea is to let overweight people eat and drink as much as they like and still lose weight.  Aspire Bariatrics will surgically install a valve into a patient's stomach and through their abdominal wall.  This allows the patient to  pump out some of their food 20 minutes after they eat.

This system is now in clinical trials and has helped people lose an average of 20 kilograms in a year and some nearly twice that.  I assume the cost also covers the bucket to hold the pumped out whatever.  It's not a new idea, the Romans thought of it but they didn't have the pump, just two fingers down the throat and a slave to hold the upchuck dish.

This company will make a truckload of money, damn them. 


River said...

They what???
A valve in the stomach to pump out the eaten food??
Oh Dear God!
That is horrible.
But you're right, the company will make money, because people will continue to stuff themselves, "because they can", rather than limit their intake to smaller amounts of the correct foods.
It's so very wrong.

River said...

And another thing....if they eat, then pump out the food, where is the body going to get it's nutrition and sustenance from?
These people will end up very sick.

Elephant's Child said...

That is obscene. And making money that way is also obscene.

Davoh said...

Bit like me and alcohol - a question of choice.

R.H. said...

I don't believe that procedure is fair dinkum, it's likely to be an attempt to disgust the obese into eating less.

I see you've posted a picture of your mid-morning snack. Seems awfully modest, maybe the ploy is working for you.

JahTeh said...

River, honestly if I'd read this around April 1st, I'd have thought it a joke. I didn't even bother to google to see if the company was real, I don't want to know if this is really out there.

EC, nothing is obscene if it makes money and there's a lot of money to be made.

But Davoh, you have a natural pump to siphon off your booze overload.

Robbert, wrong way round, they'd eat more if they didn't have to sweat it off.
I shouldn't have posted that, I can't remember the last time I ate a hamburger but I think it was good.
There's a few politicians who could do with a pump in the brain to siphon off the stupid.

Ann ODyne said...

fingers down throat is so unattractive. salt water has the same effect as every first aider knows. in the event of poisons an emetic will get em outta ya tummy.
Just read memoir by Diane Keaton and like Jane Fonda, she was chucking it all up after every gorgeous 5-star dinner with Warren and Woody and Al Pacino.

remove the bacon and the Shergar burger meat from that photo and it's a salad and a roll. bo appetit.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, did you see they now have found donkey meat in UK burgers?
I love nothing better than a fresh salad roll except I usually end up with down the front of whatever I'm wearing.

Middle Child said...

You'd die if you at that then and there I reckon - River said it better than I ever could

Unknown said...

That's so so awful I can't think of anything even remotely acceptable to write in this comment section....!

JahTeh said...

Middlechild, I can't wait to tell Doc Marvin about this little miracle cure. He's already acknowledged that we will never have another conversation about me having bariatric surgery.

Kath, It's ghastly and I can think of so many health and safety problems with this that I hope it never gets on the market.

Cast Iron Balcony said...

I can never understand tall hamburgers. How do they eat them? Do their jaws un-hinge?
Once in a while I try to reproduce the Olden Days hamburger from the Greek takeaway, at home: The toasted bun, patty, fried onion, egg, beetroot, tomato, lettuce, cheese (colby or tasty not plastic stuff), Dead Horse. Put the stuff out on a platter and everyone builds their own.
Modern-day "burgers"are an abomination which I won't contemplate.

R.H. said...

It was called "a hamburger with the lot", and somehow the beetroot was essential. We lived on them as teenagers and really got to know the Greeks running those places. They were good for credit too.

JahTeh said...

CIB, you know why we didn't get fat eating those kind of burgers way back then? They had so much in them, including proper meat but the bun was toasted and crunchy and it was eat it slowly or break a tooth.

Robbert, absolutely right, it must have beetroot and proper fried on the grill onions until, as they say on these poncy cooking shows, caramelized.

Davoh said...

Um, far be from me to dictate - or even ' suggest' things (and am not here to get into an internet 'comment' "arm wrestle" with RH).

Might mention that 'red' vegetables are most likely 'good for the heart'.
Beetroot, tomatoes .. etc.

Yer, i know, mention about the "reds" is fraught with conceptual and political difficulties ... heh.

R.H. said...

How ridiculous, as if I'd ever have a shot at you, old mate Davoh.

JahTeh said...

Davoh, tomatoes and beetroot on fresh rye sourdough bread is top of my yum list.

Robbert, you, being nice, it must be hotter than I thought. I wish it would cool down a bit, I'm running out of gin and tonic.