Monday, April 15, 2013

The bird is back.

 I was photographing from inside a window and trying not to scare him away.  I also photographed a lorikeet to give you some idea of the size of both birds.  It didn't really work out well.
I brilliantly photographed Mum's birthday Bird Bath through the screen door so just think of it as arty and not a mistake.
So any ideas about his species even with my lousy photos.  I tried to get the very red beak and I think this is a good representation of the two blues of his colouring.


iODyne said...

does not look to me like an australian bird. possibly an escapee. good thing it found your food.

put "blue parrot red beak" into Google image search. you get this:
LOST Indian Ringneck Parrot ... 27, 2011 – Melbourne, Victoria, VIC, Australia, AU. Name: Jade. Contact: ... Notes: blue bird... red/coral beak - likely an Indian Ringneck. 8.30pm Sunday .
and I think it has escaped again.
It hated them naming it Jade.

Elephant's Child said...

I couldn't find it in any of my Australian bird books - but it doesn't have the ring around its neck which gives the Indian Ringneck its name. A female ringneck? I think that Marshall Stacks is right and it is an escapee anyway.
Not at all sure - but it looks very settled with you.

River said...

It's quite pretty whatever it is. Like Marshall Stacks and Elephant's Child says, quite possibly the Indian Ringneck and a female given its lack of bright colouring.

Unknown said...

No idea but he's a lovely lookin' fella!

JahTeh said...

Stacks, I found that message as well and believe me, Jade is not butch enough for him. The way he wallops the other bird if they go near the seed bell.

EC, I'm going to print a photo and send it to my zoologist bird loving cousin and see what he says.

River, I don't know about lack of colour. This was taken on a very dreary day and in full sun, the blue is really stunning.

Kath, forgive me, I can't help myself. Have you seen a Cuckoo?

Ann ODyne said...

"Kath, forgive me, I can't help myself. Have you seen a Cuckoo"

she's in Geneva. famous for chocolate cuckoo clocks with Swiss movements.

about that 'no neck ring' thing: female redbacked spiders are not redbacked, and they are the bitey ones. just so you know.

Marie said...

I'm also of the opinion that it's a type of ringneck parrot, maybe a Rose ringed parakeet:

It's the mature males that have a ring, with juveniles of both sexes and the females having no ring (I'd like to think it's a woman who has had enough and done a runner). It is doubt an escapee from a home, pet shop or bird park. They are pretty adaptable, so it will probably thrive quite well out in the wild. I know that there are flocks of them in England (also the descendants of former escapees) that now breed freely. If they can survive in the crappy English weather, I'm sure Melbourne will be a breeze.

She's a lovely bird to have visiting your garden.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, I was being that f word which I can't spell and not for want of trying which means snark.
Redbacks are the big ones that eat their mates, something I really agree with.

Marie, I put up the new post before I read your comment. I was looking for images and in captivity they can breed purple ones, gorgeous but I love that they are zooming all over England. I'm now singing "Born Free", an earworm if ever there was one.