Friday, April 19, 2013

The night sky without city lights.

 A lenticular cloud forms in air that passes over a mountain, in this case the beautiful Mt. Hood in Oregan, rises up again, and cools past the dew point -- The layered nature of some lenticular clouds may make them  as large alien spaceships.
Lenticular clouds can only form when conditions are right and this is the first time astrophotographer Ben Canales has seen a lenticular cloud at night near Mt. Hood.
The above image was taken in mid-March about two hours before dawn.

Mt Hood makes a great background for all things spacey so a re-visit to Comet HaleBopp over the mountain is in order.  Steven Nehl took this image in l997. 


River said...

I love that spaceship cloud!

Elephant's Child said...

Magic. Thank you.

The night sky is always a delight, and more so without city lights. Much more.

Unknown said...

Love the second photo - doesn't look real!

JahTeh said...

River, I have one photo somewhere of Mt Fuji with a leni sitting like a hat on top.

EC, I remember going to Horsham for a week and being amazed at how dark it was at night. No street lights out in the country and when the sun went down that was it.

Kath, I'm waiting for the next 2013 comet which is supposed to be so bright we'll see it in daylight.
Photoshop is so good now that I have to check that the photo is real.
The face I saw in the mirror this morning desperately needed photoshopping.