Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Flounce, it should be my second name.

If there is one thing I love, it's a lace flounce and one on a Valentino wedding dress is just icing on the wedding cake. Now I've seen Valentino go overboard but Princess Madeleine of Sweden kept him on track. I think it's a dress that must be see in real life to get the full loveliness of that lace but I like the fact that it has lace across the bodice.  I'm posting this now because we have more nuptials coming up and I can't wait to see what Tamara 'Tits' Ecclestone will be falling out of, dress wise. By all accounts it's going to be a lavish affair without any decorum. I simply can't wait.

I have found my last will and testament and can now prove to my sister that she is my executor and has Power of Attorney.  She's also medical P.o.A and looks forward to hitting the off button should I need it. I did have a friend to be executor but decided in 2005 to keep it in the family after watching her extract every groat from another person's will over and above the loot he had left her. She kind of drifted out of my life after that. Anyway in order to find out what was going on in my life at the time, I took a walk through my journal.  What an upbeat year that was, after commenting for some time I finally launched my own blog.  I went to the city for the first time in ten years. I had loads of confidence to do this and that and then there was Mother.
She was already strangling me, anything to keep me from moving on. But I was going until she was diagnosed with breast cancer and that was me done.  Nearly 7 years on and she's still hanging on tight. With so much attention on her, no wonder my diabetes wasn't diagnosed until two years ago but it was already there. I'd lost weight, down to the lowest I'd been but I can read the signs in those pages, just didn't take any notice.

One of these days I hope to regain that feeling of looking forward. I might even get on a train again. I might even find where I parked my brain and get that moving. I'm not hopeful about the weight though, that's definitely a goal post too far.


Andrew said...

"and looks forward to hitting the off button should I need it." Oh dear, I shouldn't laugh.

Brian Hughes said...

Chin up, Witchy. Good times are just around the corner, I'm sure of it. (Solicitor's addendum: There is no factual basis in this statement and the parties involved cannot be held responsible if any or all of the predictions made herewith do not come to fruition.)

River said...

That is one gorgeous dress! And it is so lovely to see a lace covered chest after all the low-cut strapless wedding gowns that are so popular lately.
I don't have a will yet, I've been putting off making one, because I don't want to offend anyone, but I don't want to leave my things to someone who doesn't need them and will just donate them to goodwill, or to someone who might sell/pawn them for smokes and beer money.
And now I'm curious about your archives, I don't think I've read from your beginning, just like I haven't yet read Andrew's beginning. I'll have to set aside a couple of days.

Elephant's Child said...

It was a gorgeous dress. Is a gorgeous dress. I also really liked that the groom was milimetres away from sobbing as he saw her walking down the aisle.
Someone to hit that off button (HARD) is an essential. But not yet. We need you.
Wills and executors bring out the worst in many people. My mother made me joint executor of her will (with two of my three brothers) and I swear it was one of her last acts of spite. I got to do (a lot) of running around and the brothers got to bitch and moan.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, don't think I don't want equal rights with her. I must remind her that she made a will and had my ex as her executor, that'll set her off. I think you've said you are the executor for your mother and I don't think I envy you that job.

MiLord, you sweetheart, but I'm honest and that would have to be "chins up". And to think I didn't tell my granddaughter to go to Fleetwood and look up the local sight.

River, to make it my heart's dream, it must have beading somewhere but the lace is dreamy and we're talking silk here not nylon rubbish.
Everything here goes to the girls and I've told them to have the biggest ebay sale ever.

EC, everyone thought the groom wasn't emotional at all until he saw her walk in. I remember mine, he was too drunk to see me and too busy holding up the best man who was worse.
I had got to that stage where I didn't want the 'friend' to go through my things so I made my sister give in. I have 3 boxes made by my grandfather, my papers are in one, then my parents and the last holds my son's.

Marshall Stacks said...

River, darling, go straight to Andrew's first posts right now before he deletes them. He has surely forgotten the stuff he wrote before we all knew him, oh yeah.

Dear Coppy
Please do not give up on reducing the excess calories. Now that you realise The Manipulator is dragging you with her, well that's half the battle right there. She asks you to bring her cakes and of course you have to join in. It has to stop.
If your father could appear right now he would surely say you have more than fulfilled your promise of looking after her.
Now look after yourself. We all have absolute FAITH in you, your intelligence and your wonderful humour.
Yes the wedding frock is nice. With Valentino you do get what you pay for.
You don't need him though, just make sure you are around to supervise the making-up of that guipure yardage you have saved for the grand-daughter's gowns

JahTeh said...

Stacks, you are right and I will take advice from the TimTam queen. Bwahahahaha.
Promises made to a dying father are so binding and every time I try and get away, I hear his fading voice making me promise to look after the most precious thing in his life. It's not a promise I can break and I've tried.

Andrew said...

Em Stacks, what did I say?