Monday, July 15, 2013

For the mad cat lady driving the country ute.

I really could not decide, the first was so sweet and the second looked so much like Kitty.
Then I thought it might be really hard cutting and eating Kitty.
Of course you know I'm blogging cakes because I'm too lazy to do a half way decent post about something important.
One nice thing happened.  I had a very helpful lady at Medicare fixing up an account for Mum. She needed photo ID so out comes the old passport and she checks it and I explain that I am allowed to use that as I don't drive and I refuse to carry the expensive new one around.  She said that was fine, she just thought how much younger I looked now compared to then. Well, another plus for 13 years of divorce.  There is a rumour that the Mad Monk wants to make divorce harder to get. Too Late, Too Late, she cried as she danced naked under the moon in celebration.  Apologies for all those who are happily married to a lovely man that didn't crawl out from under a rock and take on the appearance of something resembling human.
And a snippet for the history buffs.  Cheltenham cemetary has discovered that there is an American Civil War Veteran buried there and pretty rare for those times, he was an African-American Vet. They are doing more research and putting up an information board near the grave. Now there's a story for "Who Do You Think You Are?"


Ann ODyne said...

Woo Hoo! Cake! Cats! Cat cakes! They are both gorgeous.
There must be a great story behind that black cat getting from the Confederacy to Cheltenham. Friends Of Cheltenham Cemetery have photos here of their great work, and their Facebook page is very very pithy and feisty.
Thanks Copperwitch - I love cemeteries.

M said...

" Too Late, Too Late, she cried as she danced naked under the moon in celebration"

omg, I laughed and laughed!!

Andrew said...

Jayne from Great Southern Land in her Dunolly blog recently made mention of a confederate being buried in the local cemetery.

Andrew said...
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River said...

"Too late Too late!" indeed. And I laughed too.
Love the kitty cat cakes, but I couldn't possibly cut into one that looked just like a cat. The top one, yes, but not the black and white kitty. I'd have to turn my back while someone else did the slicing. I would eat of course, who turns down cake?

JahTeh said...

Annie O, he's buried in the Pioneer Cemetary by the look of the surrounds. All my lot are buried there, we're up on the hill, right at the back and it's a real hike. The Friends have done a fantastic job of restoring the old graves and improving the fencing so we don't have the rabbits knocking off the flowers like they used to. They have great walking tours through there.

M, I can honestly say I loved my divorce much better than the wedding.
If you've ever seen the movie "Dimboola", then that was it.

Thanks Andrew, I haven't seen Jayne's Dunolly blog and she's another great cemetary walker.

River, it looks exactly like Annie's Kitty so I really had to find another to eat.