Thursday, July 18, 2013

Not one but two cakes.


Now this looks too nice to cut into but I'll be brave, hand me the large knife.
Regards of the very pink roses, I want a lemon chiffon sponge layered with some
kind of boozy cream.

Now Elephant's Child is having a not so good time so a nice cake will
fix that.  What better than a happy Penguin playground cake?
Absolutely nothing.


Elephant's Child said...

Absolutely nothing better than a Penguin Playground Cake. Thank you - to Antarctica and back.
(it was obviously meant that I started to investigate the blogosphere again today.)

River said...

I know how to make a lemon chiffon sponge, although I've never added boozy cream. I know how to make that too. I'll be over as soon as I win lotto. Have your cake pans ready.
The penguin playground cake is too cute for words.

George Nelson said...

I've always wanted to bite Pingu's head off.

JahTeh said...

EC, I've never seen so many penguin cakes and all of them so beautifully made. Hope the household is not getting you down too much.

River, Powerball didn't go off last night so I might get one for next week. I do have cake pans, hardly used these days so I'll just brush the spiders out to be ready.

Hello George, I've always felt like that about Simba the white lion, hideous cartoon.

River said...

Powerball did go off, some guy in Sydney scooped the whole $30m. and left none for us. Humpf!

R.H. said...

You could eat a cake like that in one hand. Yesterday I had a curried pie at the new Routleys, lately shifted to the back of Coles building (Williamstown darlings) with a lovely view of Coles car park. Then I ordered two cream lamingtons to take home. A little brown girlie put them in a box for me and slipped it into a paper bag, I inadvertantly managed to touch her little hand as she gave me my change, these inadvertancies happen all the time. Earlier I'd been to Laverton trash market in the rain, desolate, half the stallholders missing. It rained all day. It rained outside Routleys. I felt a bit odd. Happy in fact. Hell, I had a home to go to; two dogs and a TV.
Three cafes have failed in three years at Routleys current digs, Routleys will succeed, Routleys is indestructable. It's a peoples' cafe; relaxed, very non poseur, non bullshit: Coles Cafeteria of the 1970s. They really do love you.

JahTeh said...

River, it's always just one person who wins Powerball, I hate it.

Rh, I well remember the Coles Cafeteria, a paradise of food that would be called junk now but at least it was fresh cooked to order. The cheeseburgers had proper buns, tomato sauce and you needed to dislocate your jaw to eat it but tasty yum.