Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Seven cakes to go.

You all knew I'd put one in somewhere. Nothing better than a 3 tier Harry Potter cake unless it's a 4 tier Harry Potter cake. Still love Harry? In the words of dear Snape, always.

I'm not going out for my birthday dinner. I fiddled the finances a smidgeon and I'm having lovely lady come in to vac the entire house at 9 a.m. Friday morning.  All the junk on the floor that I haven't put away will go on chairs, lounge, bed or the sewing room which is the only room I've vac'd, that and the hallway when I moved his things there and my things back here.

It's a birthday present much more practical than food and I didn't think twice about doing it. I might have paused a second if ice-cream cake had been involved but only for a second. I have a big Hoover and it's been doing sterling service since 1989 and it's still sucking up cement dust from the slab underneath the carpet and it was a wonder with cat fur and dog fur and the ex's ability to walk across white marble and still pick up mud. She's only doing the vac, I can do the rest but the old hands and shoulders just wont co-operate in the shifting and moving. It took me 15 minutes to put the extension hose on it yesterday and my fingers hurt all day. Doc Marvin tells me that some cholesterol medication can irritate the muscles and make them sore. I'll go along with that.

By the time I turned the corner to the Home yesterday, I was frozen. The wind hit me dead centre in the chest and I swear I could have drilled out an ice core. I even took Ma's blankie off her and put it on me until I thawed out.  I knew we'd pay for those warm days we had.

Now I have to shift the sewing machine out of the study and put it in the sewing room because there's a monster load of shifting and moving to even see the floor in here. At least I remembered to put the bins out tonight and the neighbours won't be sneaking anything in either bin.


River said...

That wind is straight off the South Pole, I'm sure of it. I sat here in my lounge room last night wrapped up in the blanket Jayne crocheted for me.
I should get around to vacuuming here too, the dust bunnies are looking a little frisky.

George Nelson said...

The cake looks superb. Pity about the choice of books. The Greyminster Chronicles would be better. Thicker and creamier and easier to digest.

George Nelson said...

Incidentally, I've no idea why it keeps signing me in as George Nelson. It doesn't seem to give me any choice in the matter.

Andrew said...

Ummmm, you could be the stuffs on the floor away in the correct place?

Elephant's Child said...

Love the cake - but love the birthday present to yourself even more. What a treat. Though the moving things is a beast of a job.

JahTeh said...

River, if I remember you have timber floors in the unit and they are always cold.

It probably signs you in as that, looking so princely as you do. I can't work out WordPress at all, I have a user name to sign in and a blog name and a blog title.

Andrew, I will post the story of my mess on the floor which started with mother going into the Home and continuing with two years of nephew.

EC, my nose is streaming and I feel ill but I'm hoping it's just the dust in the north wind although I am allergic to housework.