Monday, September 23, 2013

I just killed an ant..

I just thought you'd like to know that in case it's bad luck and I get invaded by the rest of its extended family looking for revenge.
Mother is still very ill although she did say this morning that she's not coughing up black stuff from her lungs anymore. Thank you, Ma, that finished breakfast off nicely.  Shingles haven't progressed and lung rot looks to be under control. She still doesn't feel strong enough to get out of bed though.

Oh me, well I'm still here and happy the dvd player is fixed. A big thank you to Ann O'Dyne for reminding me I hid licorice allsorts in the desk drawer next to the computer. I have done not a thing all day except read a book and I had to speak to myself most severely in order to sit and read and not feel guilty that the dishes are not washed (when are they ever) and the groceries are sitting on the floor from Saturday. It's not like they can run away or anything.
I'm tired. I didn't sleep well because I did something I don't believe I've ever done before. I woke myself up by talking in my sleep. I was still talking when I woke up but I don't know what I was saying. Now that's frustrating, it could have been the lotto numbers or the winner of the Melbourne Cup. Don't laugh, my sister regularly dreams the winner of the Caulfield Cup and then takes another horse because it has better odds. I don't know how many times I've told her to at least put $5 on the damn thing.

And I still have Malware annoying me even after paying for a programme to clean the computer. It says I'm clear, I say I'm not. But it did clean up 1500 odd bits of whatever to make the old girl run faster. I'm even trying out the pro version of AVG for 30 days and that's not doing anything. It seems I'll have to go in and dig the beast out with my bare hands. I don't know exactly where I picked it up but it was a blog I've never been to before and all of a sudden, I had this and that popping up everywhere and pages being re-directed. I delete history, use CCleaner after every session and now the new SparkTrust. That's also a trap because when I paid it automatically signed me up for renewals which I have to stop myself. Unfortunately it won't let me login or create an account to stop the renewal so off went an email for them to do something. I bet some little 12 year old hacker is pissing himself laughing in a basement somewhere.

And after a lovely sunny day, a thunderstorm is threatening and tomorrow when I have to go out, it's going to be cold and probably rain. I hate spring.


Elephant's Child said...

Does your sister tell you in advance who is going to win the Caulfield? If she won't bet on it, you could...

An entire day reading sounds blissful. The ants less so.

Glad that your mother is a tiny bit better. And I think you just put me off dinner. Probably not a bad thing.

River said...

I had a sit and read day yesterday, beginning at 3am when I woke up, then fell asleep at 5.30am, got up at 9, read the paper, read some more of my book, read a couple of kindle chapters, fell asleep and the day just kept going in that manner. Made up for it today though, got everything done except folding the washing which I will do in a minute. Good to hear your dvd player is sorted, sucks about the malware on the computer though. Glad your mum is a bit better, hopefully she will pick up more soon.

Andrew said...

There is no need to pay for anything like a malware remover. I am guessing you are trying to find something that is not a problem, but correct me if you will. All these running things are doing your computer in. AVG free is enough and forget the rest. Don't delete your history. Things work easier if your history is recorded, unless you need to delete your history :-P

JahTeh said...

EC, she usually does because sometimes the messages are a bit scrambled and we go through the horses trying to work it out. Then when it wins all becomes clear.

River, I went into cookies and deleted some which helped but I see one is back this morning so I'll get that again.

Andrew, I have AVG free and they offered me a 30 trial of the upgrade so I use but don't buy. I didn't mean to buy SparkTrust either but the buttons confused me and it cleaned up the computer nicely. I usually delete history after a week unless I've been on ebay and that needs a daily clean.

Davoh said...

Heh, must be becoming elderish. No malware here in my house. Might be due to the perception that i have a gun; and a dog.

Ann ODyne said...

Imagine how frightened she must be to be actually coughing up black stuff, poor thing.
I would open a vein.
I wonder if it is a virus that caused my laptop to give me the infamous Black Screen Of Death (BSOD) so I am reduced now to using Sloth-slow PC 13 years old.
Too slow to be googling Sparktrust I fear

Fenstar de Luxe said...

3 free programs:
Avast - antivirus
Spybot Search & Destroy and Adaware for the other bits.
You never need to pay for anything.
Problem is if it's in the registry you might be in trouble, but running things in safe mode can often fix that.

Jayne said...

Black lung rot on the decrease, yay.
Malware rot on the increase, boo.
The programs Fen mentioned are your best bet...speaking of bets, keep your eye on a new up and coming horse Sir Medbury. Just came 2nd in his first ever race at Newmarket, trainer the same as Americain, named for my recently deceased bloodstock agent cousin.

JahTeh said...

Hello Davoh, I have a cat and malware, both useless.

Annie O, nothing phases the old girl as long as Doc Marvin's looking after her.
I'm still waiting for an email about taking me off the renewal list and it's a Canadian company.

Fen, I always had spybot and avast but now when I try to download, I get a message saying not a recognized windows application. I've been relying on AVG and CCleaner.

Jayne, great to see you back on blogger.
I'll watch for that horse and tell my sister.

R.H. said...

Hi, my name is Robert, I am not a homophobe, some of my best friends are poofters.

Hi, plenty going on here, but little at the moment, so I said: I'll have a word to the Big Woman. Your accomplice, the frightening
-formidable- Miss O'Dyne may be intrigued (or otherwise) to know I've been making trips to Ballarat. A suburb called Black Hill. My psychotic client has a brother living there. He is of similiar strangeness. Seems my client has it in his head to clear out his ap-a-a-a-artment a bit, transfer some 'stuff' to Ballarat. Our first load was seventeen large suitcases full of dirty books/videos. Yes well he has recently purchased a big Toyota ute. but no driver's license, the government won't give him one, thus driving him around has become another of my duties. Not that I mind of course, the ute resides at my place and I consider it my property. Hell yes. Well as I always tell him, those robots up at Wood Street: docors/nurses/social workers GET PAID for putting up with his crap, I merely have to get what I can. And I do! He's MAD! NUTS! COMPLETE BONKERS! Or an artist.
The brother is a recluse, if you don't mind, but shares my client's interest in phantom women, i.e. women who exist only in pictures, rude photos. Real women get ignored. "Cop the tits on that," I'll say as we're going up the street and heavens above he's not interested. Neither of them interested. Well I don't mind a look at a rude photo myself but it ain't no end in itself by golly.

He's untalkative, the brother. Suspicious. I try to crash through, get him talking. This is a very hard case. I do know he's been had up for flashing.
And get this, the house is a dump, but over the back fence there's a creek and on the other side of it a small picnic area and beyond that a vast hill covered in trees. Lovely. Beautiful. Charming.
And yes, he does appreciate it.

JahTeh said...

Rochester roaming Ballarat and in the freezing weather (bad for flashers).
Should have taken your metal detector and had a go for gold.

R.H. said...

Actually I'm very interested in metal detecting, but mainly for relics, I don't expect to find any gold.