Monday, October 14, 2013

Looking backwards.

I've been going through the cds of images from 2005 and beyond and found this, an oldie but a goodie and it's still relevant. There's just a lot more of me dragging than there was and I have definitely snapped.
I did have good taste in men, though I don't recall from where I downloaded so many naked bods and surprise, so many have green eyes. I really have to do something about that fixation.

As to snap, sister rang to say she dreamed of going to mother's funeral last night and the eulogy was given by a Catholic nun who did a lovely job. She even remembered the nun's name. I, on the other hand had more of a nightmare.  My ex daughter-in-law moved into the house because she was getting re-married. She swanned around boasting of how much weight she'd lost (bitch) but every time I looked at her face she turned into Rose Porteous - without the billions. I wasn't impressed by the fact that she was scooping up my jewellery to wear on her head. If I'd have known I was going to dream this, I'd have stitched her a burlap bag.

A whining visit to Doc Marvin is on for tomorrow.  This time in 2012 he gave me a year to drop some weight, it hasn't happened, I'm-up-way-up-heart-attack-up if the nervous breakdown doesn't get me first. And they're running neck and neck so far.  An article in the paper yesterday blames stress as one cause of women not being able to lose weight. I'll go along with that. Two of the happiest years of my life came just after the divorce before mother threw her tentacles around me again. I didn't even notice losing 20 kgs, I was having so much fun running my own life.  Now I'm back to eating my way out of the prison of daughter in waiting and the combined diabetes educator and her rules and regulations about food.  I've been through 3 shrinks, 1 psychologist, 1 hynotherapist and a dietician. That poor dear was newly qualified and could barely tolerate the fat objects she was supposed to be helping. I bet she went on to be a life long food avoider.
Anyway there's not much I don't know about myself and the inner workings of my mind and the mind is off the tracks heading for the gorge with the bridge out and no Skippy to send for help.

My stars said that today I should not indulge in a spending spree because of depression as no good would come of it. If only I'd read them before I went to ebay.  Stupid astrology, doesn't it know that the thought that a goodie will magically appear in the letterbox at some stage during the week keeps me from staying under the bed permanently.  And where's spring, I'm bloody freezing.


Andrew said...

That you can sit and write about things so candidly tells rather a lot about your character.

There are many in the world I worry about more than I do about you, and that is meant as a compliment. You do well g/f.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, so many pretty men but none that you'd like as much as I did. I have to say "did", they'd be too long in the tooth for either of us now or maybe still too young which is really creepy.
They day has started well, the shower door is in 3 parts and one fell on me when I went to get in.

Elephant's Child said...

Treats in the letterbox are a wonderous thing. And yes, some days the urge to velcro myself to the carpet under the bed is strong. Very strong.
So what did you succumb to? Beauty I know, but what kind?

JahTeh said...

EC, on your recommendation I now have four Ben Aaronovitch books to read. I know if I start I won't stop until all are read. And I'm waiting for several swags of beads to come.

River said...

I LOVE the cartoon and I'm pinching it for a bookmark.
You have some mighty weird dreams, Rose Porteous look-alikes?? I'd be waking in a cold sweat and hiding all my jewellery before I was properly awake.
I know what you mean about the weight loss. When L was out of my life the first time I lost 10kgs in no time at all. Then he stayed with me for a few years (instead of the few weeks he promised) and the pounds began piling back on. I still haven't been able to lose them.
I've been spending quite a lot of time sleeping in too, just last Saturday I didn't get up until 10am. Of course I had been up to make coffee and get a book at about 1.30ish, then I read in bed until I fell asleep again just as the birds were waking up.
I must get some of those Ben Aaronovitch books too, they're on my list.

Elephant's Child said...

I really hope you like them - and will be interested to hear.

JahTeh said...

River, I found some great stuff on the disks and far too many naked cute guys.
Buy the books from the Book Depository in England, no postage and the prices were good.

EC, I've read the blurbs on the back and I know I'm going to enjoy them but if I start them now I'll never get all those beads sorted and I need the dining table.

Ann ODyne said...

"Chhck! Chhcckk! It's Skippy here. Just stick toothbrush down throat like Jane Fonda and Diane Keaton have both admitted to in print.
My paw is tapping this out on the keyboard of a woman who has been known to breakfast on chocolate biscuits and potato crisps, and dine at night on a bag of liquorice allsorts.
She says to send you her love and say she has faith in your ability to prevail over all your aggravations."