Monday, December 23, 2013

Fancy something to do after Christmas?

This is clever and something I would never have thought of in a million years to use old glass. How many times have I walked through an op shop and loved a dish or old vase and not bought it as I didn't need it.  Now I know what to do. These are from America and are called garden glass totems.
You can build it up with tea cups and a teapot, glass vases or like the image above, crown it with a glass ornament. Doesn't he look gorgeous?

 Or how about that atrocious Venetian glass bowl you might have been landed with as a wedding present which now can be turned into a bird bath.  The trick is to bury the bottom into the garden to hold it straight and use silicon waterproof glue, the clear stuff.
This is so simple and lovely, bird bath or bird feeder depending on how deep the bowl is. I could cry at all those chipped and cracked glass whatsits that I have tossed out and can never get back. Even cleaning out mum's house there were bowls that went to the op-shop in the de-cluttering. Fortunately I have plenty of op-shops to visit and any glass bits that take my eye now will be coming home.
Even just odd glasses put together and plonked in the ivy to catch the sun would be lovely especially if coloured.  Elephant's Child I can just see something like this popping up with your spring bulbs and River, even your small plot could take a small totem. But Miss O'Dyne, the mad bird lady will have glass bird baths from here to forever and they will all look lovely.


Elephant's Child said...

Oooooh. Yes. And yes again.

Ann ODyne said...

jeepers Coppy "that vile glass Venetian" is probably worth $350.

My friends cafe in Sandringham has 3-level cake plates out of odd floral ones with glued candlesticks for the column parts between. looks better than they sound, and of course one thinks "I could do that" and then doesn't.
Glass is a great conductor of heat so the birds would get warm baths if these were not in the summer shade though.
Concrete gets hot too and I am sick at the thought of pets whose water dishes are left on it while their owners go to work all day when it is stinking hot.

I have made some bargain birdbaths by stacking old bricks(in amongst the shrubs for shade) and topping with a big potplant saucer. Crimson Rosellas get in 3 at a time.

JahTeh said...

EC, I've put it on my list of 2 thousand things to make before I die, a sort of craft bucket list.

Annie O, doesn't matter what the price some of them were just horrible. My big potplant saucers are starting to crack up but terracotta ones are so expensive. I like the idea of the cake plates but not for cakes, bird feeders, yes.

River said...

I don't like that top one much, but I like the last one a lot. Now I'm starting to get ideas.

Jayne said...

LOVE the idea!
The op shop at Dunolly is blessed with fab plates and dishes like these and at dirt cheap prices...I shall plan one for my Dunolly house garden when we move there!

JahTeh said...

River, I also found a lamp stand made of teapots and cups and saucers, it was lovely.

Jayne, you realize that if I could get to Dunolly I'd clean that place out. Still I have two in Mentone and two in Cheltenham and as soon as they're open I'll be there.