Friday, March 07, 2014

Bright as a button

No idea where that saying comes from but that's what the old girl was like today. My sister was astounded. I was astounded that my sister went back for a second day but she said mother looked so bad yesterday that she didn't want to remember her like that. Mother is fine, a little breathless but she had a shower, pathology and ECG and lunch. Rang twice on the phone and doesn't remember much about yesterday at all. Now she wants a new mobile with bigger buttons so she doesn't make a mistake by locking it and not being able to get me.

I have lungs that are on fire, throat still like broken glass, dizzy and headache.  She would like to see me tomorrow even without the pavlova. And you wonder why I keep saying we'll have to throw her in a vat of molten steel to knock her off.

And the plate. Neat, it's an inside windchime using an old plate and bits of cutlery. I'm not sure about the heavy spoons and forks though, I'd rather put large gems on a longer chain. Mind you, plates with this kind of edge were very expensive in the day but I've got a parrot one hanging around somewhere unless I've gone mad with de-cluttering and chucked it.  Not even pretty dangles are taking my mind off what's gone on these last two weeks. There's a meltdown coming, I feel it.


Elephant's Child said...

How right you are. They don't come much (any) tougher than your mama.
Now look after you. Please.
I love the indoor wind-chime. Clever, and fun.

River said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling so awful. Lungs on fire? Throat like you've swallowed razor blades? I have no suggestions to help with this, apart from rest and fluids. Water, not Bombay....
Can you make your visit as short as possible tomorrow? Then get home and rest? Surely your mum would understand?
I love the plate wind chime, the beads make it especially pretty.

JahTeh said...

EC, just out of bed to check emails and put washing in the dryer. She's already rung today, breathless but having a shower and ventolin after that. Even thinking about a shower makes me tired.

River, not as bad today but the coughing has started which means crossed legs tight. I'm staying in bed and the cat is pleased.
I liked the idea of the plate and so would the cat.