Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's all gone now.

This could have been me 20 years ago.  I had this much hair and I wore it like this with jewelled combs and I dyed it bright Titian red.  I loved my hair when I went red, I felt as though I had become the real me.  No more now, still red, I mean I couldn't  do that to myself but as I walked to the home I detoured through the hairdresser's I've been passing for the last four years.
Nice bloke, nearly choked when he asked how long since I'd had a cut and I said 1975.  He kept asking if I was sure I wanted to do this before the scissors went to work.
It was time.  The last 4 years of stress, medications and ageing has taken its toll of the long and once lustrous locks.  I was finding it harder and harder to colour, wash and bung the whole lot in rollers.  If I didn't do the rollers, it was 'Sideshow Bob' all the way. 
He did ask if I wanted the ponytail to take with me.  Lordy no, it looked dead, lifeless, ratty as though a kid had had enough of luxury Barbie and decided to become a shearer for the day.
I thought I might have some regrets but not a jot, I'm starting a new life albeit in the same old fat body but the hair feels just right.
Mother approved, said I looked younger.


DK said...

And I bet you feel younger too. you'll get a nice surprise when you look in the mirror and see a younger and lovely lady looking back at you.

River said...

You had a haircut???
I must have pictures! send a photo asap. Or whenever you can. No hurry.

I've just decided I can't be bothered with hairdressers and trimming and have started to grow mine again.

JahTeh said...

DK, I'm always young and lovely when I look in the mirror, it's cameras I have trouble with.

River, not on your Nelly will you ever get a selfie from me. I prefer to walk around thinking I look like Rita Hayworth than see the horrible truth of looking like a horse's arse.

Ann ODyne said...

Bravo. Think of all the hours saved by Judi Dench with her 'step out of the shower and go' look.
x x

JahTeh said...

Annie O, I can't believe how little hair dye I need to cover up the grey bits but it's still not 'step out of the shower and go' and definitely light on the head.