Friday, May 23, 2014

They say time flies but does it have to pretend it's a Concord?

Hello River, you wanted a photo of my new hair cut and here it is and don't think I don't look like this before I've had my morning coffee, a pee and kicked the cat out for his.

I can't believe how long it is since I blogged and so much to blog about but one must be careful these days what with ASIO listening and reading every nasty comment about the authors of that stinking budget. Do you realize they will be the only people in Australia with a confirmed job til the end of their 70 years considering the number of blogs, twitter and facebook abusing this heartless government.
My sister is coming up to retirement after 38 years of nursing, 12 months to go, 12 months of pain in knee joints, back and spine. She's looking forward to the day she doesn't have to deal with death and relatives and can spend hours with books and her garden.  If they do anything to her 'Super' then she's leaving immediately and hiding the whole lot under the bed.

Also, Science, forget anything to do with science especially stem cell research or environmental research or anything else biological.  We are in the hands of the Flat Earth Society.  Even my beloved Synchrotron only has funding for two years.  Scientists have just used this marvel to develop a test for Malaria, a disease which kills over a million people a year of the 300 million infected world wide. I'll do another post on this later.

Besides abusing politicians, I've been throwing out more stuff.  Lovely to see 4 big bags of clothes go to charity the other day.  Not mine, I'm still wearing my rags but the BOH has not worn these for two years, wouldn't know what was there and what was would be far too small for him now. I left his best clothes packed, it's handy for his birthday as I just pick out something and wrap it up. His doona covers and new towells so we're down to just 3 packed bags.  All I have to do now is move a tonne of books, shift that huge picture frame and I can get down the hallway. There are about 100 videos needing to be tossed out, just the videos not the covers, I use those to keep my documentaries in.

I had a list of what needed to be done in each room, it was overwhelming for someone allergic to housework.  So I broke it into small lots, still overwhelming. It's now down to clean that 25cm piece of shelf, hang up 3 dresses and put 10 books away. I'm also going through magazines and only keeping the articles I want.  I think to date I've ditched about 80 craft magazines and I know they should have gone to the op shop but heavy, as in weighing a elephant and I don't drive so I clenched my jaw and tossed the lot but keep the patterns and a folder with good stuff. Don't ask about the garden.

What with mother, chucking out, cleaning (some) washing, and swearing at politicians (bastards) it has been tiring.  How tiring you ask?  Try sitting at the computer to have a luxury half hour at Pinterest and wake up an hour later with the computer keyboard stamped on your forehead.  Hmmm, Pinterest, maybe just for a while before I start moving books and picture frames, I mean they're not going anywhere.


Elephant's Child said...

Abusing this lot of politicians has become a full time job for me. With unpaid overtime. They are still saying that it is fair - and everyone contributes equally. We obviously had different maths teachers. And yes, it is tiring. And depressing.

River said...

"Don't ask about the garden"
You're not seriously thinking of chucking out the garden, surely?
Ha Ha
I have to think twice before turning on the computer now, first I look around for Angel, if he is asleep somewhere I'll give it a go, if not then I wait. Because the tapping on the keys brings him right over and he lays across my left arm in between me and the keyboard and demands his daily belly rub/chin scratch.

Nice hair do....

JahTeh said...

Honestly EC, I need a swearer's dictionary because I'm running out of words and they need a new one that tells them the real meaning of 'fair'.

River, I refuse to look at the garden, there's enough inside to kill me. I did have one genius idea, because of throwing out so many magazines I have spare holders and they are holding my fabric upright for the quilts I haven't got around to cutting out yet. That frees up a basket to hold the crochet squares and the holders are in the bookcase in the sewing room.

Kath Lockett said...

G'day Coppy! I'm glad that I bought 'ABBOTT THE BADDIE' t-shirt last year, but so much sadder that his crimes and ignorance get worse and worse each day.

It's shameful to be living in Europe and have people say, "What is happening to Australia? Why are they racists now?"

JahTeh said...

I tried to leave a comment on your blog but since there were no letters to prove I wasn't a robot, I was rejected.

He's looking a bit worried these days and I can't wait until July and the new Senate starts the death of a thousand cuts.
You can tell LoveChunks that funding was cut to anyone involved in climate, environment, stem cell or biology research but $254 million went to the Chaplains in School programme.
Never mind the racists, the Flat Earth Society is running the country.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

I think I'll be kept in business dealing with the mentally ill, because this government will make everyone sick. They will probably remove the funding to treat the unwell however!

Ann ODyne said...

Kath's got a haircut too. I wish she lived here so she could have the sides platinum white and the top bit sulphur-yellow. Nobody in Europe would get the joke.

Good luck in your battle Copperwitch, I feel overwhelmed by Stuff. Send it to the SULO.

JahTeh said...

Fenstar, you are so right, think of all those people who voted for him and are now realizing how mental they were for believing he wasn't lying.

Annie O, you should know better than to suggest insane things for Kath to do, she'll do this. Send photos Kath.

Davoh said...

Dunno about you lot "down south".

Seems that time here in NSW is going backwards - or forwards. depends on which "News" paper one reads.

Bring back the 'bushrangers' i say.

Ann ODyne said...

"those people ... now realising"? if they were silly enough to vote for people who are friends with Gina the gouger, then they 'realise' very little at all.

The haircut 1: I must have seen Kath's on Google+ (which is hard to handle and I don't encourage you to join it).
The haircut 2: I thought of Zoe Wanamaker (My Family) and that bird is damn cute and I wish I had a few in my yard with the existing gang. Have been, for past 2 weeks hand feeding Beaky a Currawong who has lost half of the top of his huge black beak. Also Stumpy, another who recently lost a leg.
Oi nemogu, as my Russian friend says (I can't stand any more).

JahTeh said...

Davo, the bushrangers are running the country by the rumours going around today.

Annie O, mangy cats, broken down birds and you on a stick feeding them. Now that's taking crazy old animal lady too far.

I love that bird, it has a real snitchy look on its face.