Monday, July 21, 2014

Jupiter has arrived back in Leo.

 Have a piece of cake and a coffee while I tell you how great the next 12 months are going to be because Jupiter arrives back in the sign of Leo and I get 12 months of goodness. You only get Jupiter once every 12 years and you're supposed to go back and remember what was going on between July 1st and August 31 in 02 and 03.  Good times until Jupiter left and the Heavens tipped a bucket of crap on me to celebrate.  12 years the good mother has had a stranglehold on me. 12 years ago I was also looking after my mother-in-law even though I was divorced a whole wonderful year.  I didn't notice weight dropping off but it did. I gardened, I walked, I read books in the middle of the night and in 03 my sister gave me her very old computer and the world opened up. I even applied to Open University and the papers came back just as Jupiter left, bad timing.  Mother became ill almost to death but survived, isn't that a familiar story 12 years on, and I was caught like a rat in a trap.

Just in case the raspberry ganache slice wasn't enough, try a kit kat lasagna with marshamallows and Smarties.  I have to admit I could go the raspberry treat but not this.  Only in America!
I want this. It's a rocking sheep and I can just see it sitting in my lounge.  All my bears would fit on it and it would look lovely among the dust and cobwebs.  My wealthy cousins had a rocking horse when I was little. They never let me ride that horse, never.  I used to make do with the garden gate, swinging back and forwards until it fell off its hinges.
And here we have baby possum heading for the kitchen.  If you're wondering what the rake is for, think beads.  It's great for raking up dropped beads and other bits of jewellery.  And the back door is wide open for the cat and I was freezing.
Mummy possum is already in the kitchen and going hell for leather at the cat food.  If I don't leave the door open the cat goes completely hysterical so the wild life just comes and goes as they please.
And when will I remember to carry the camera everywhere?  Yesterday morning I step outside the gate to find two huge ducks having a wander along the nature strip and nibbling at this and that.  They didn't take the slightest notice of me or the cars zipping past.  I haven't found an image yet but they were not the usual black ducks, you know the ones that are actually brown but these had grey and black feathers at the back to brown at the front and really large.  The Ice Bear cringes at the sight of a magpie, lord knows what he would have done if he'd seen these.


Fenstar de Luxe said...

Don't know what it means for me, but anything has got to be better than the utter shit that has been thrown at me for the last month!

Andrew said...

I thought the rake was for possum snout smacking.

Elephant's Child said...

Mmmm raspberry ganache.
I see that Ice Bear rules your roost, and with his open door philosphy is determined to turn you to ice as well.
Fingers and toes crossed for twelve months (twelve years would be good too) of goodness.

JahTeh said...

Fen, Last month? Considering the last few years you've had, you deserve good old Jupiter for the next one. Just don't expect Ozlotto tonight, it's mine.

Andrew, they've got sharp teeth. In my elderly years the rake is used for getting all sorts of objects out from under couches and tables. I could have used it when the kids were young.

EC, he throws himself at the door if it's shut and he's outside. Poor dear will always be insecure after being at the Home. If I'm not home by 4.30, there's another hole in the curtain framing a pathetic face.

River said...

July 1st 2002 to August 31st 2003--well, some bad, (drunk hubby, getting hit, moving out) some good, kids taking me in, finding a new home and feeling free again) so I don't have high hopes for Jupiter this time around. Does Jupiter have Gods I can pray to for a better deal?
I thought the rake was for raking the possums outside too, but it makes sense to use it for getting things out from under.
Sad about Ice Bear being insecure, you'll just have to buy a bearskin rug and wrap it around yourself for the winter. Could you install a cat door for him?

JahTeh said...

River, can you imagine what the wildlife would think about a cat door? I'd never keep them out. I'm currently crocheting a rug for him since he sleeps in my dressing gown at night and lets me wear it in the morning.