Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Sundae

And a big Happy Birthday to Anne O'Dyne.
And this is her present which she won't have because I didn't win Powerball on Thursday night but nothing says Happy Birthday like a faux French chateau cottage in the country or an image of.

I'm sure I've blogged this sculpture in the past but I really like it.  I like it much better than some of the public sculptures that have been mooted for Melbourne in the last few months.  It is what it is, like someone has dropped a rock from the sky and this is the splash. It doesn't need the artist to explain what I am looking at or what it means in arty farty terms.  It's a splash and I find it soothing.

Now I vaguely remember someone suggesting I put in a cat door for the Ice Bear.  This photo shows why I wouldn't put in a cat door.  Possibly the possums would have less trouble figuring it out and instead of one mouse, I would have a truckload.
And another glass sculpture which is really spectacular. I assume you can boat through the tunnel to get another perspective.  I like the look and feeling of movement even though it's not going anywhere. 
I'd still like the splashy one in my fish pond in my manicured garden.


Elephant's Child said...

A very happy birthday to the lovely Ms O'Dyne.
And I love the present you have chosen for her. And would gladly find room for The Splash. It is stunning.

Ann ODyne said...

The Splash is fabulous, like "what was that?"

Thank you so much for perfect gift and supper cake. No room for it now as entire box of chocolates is taking up the yum space within.

Andrew said...

Happy birthday Annie.

Now JahTeh, would you like to dress up Edwardian and we could punt through the glass sculpture with a Bombay Sapphire in one hand and tapas in the other?

River said...

Happy Birthday Ann O'Dyne!
That glass looks like the one in our Botanic Gardens, I've tried to photograph it several times, but always at the wrong time of day or from the wrong angle, so it just doesn't look as good. it's sitting in a body of water not much bigger than itself, and the gap isn't wide enough to be punting through from what I remember.
I LOVE the Splash!

JahTeh said...

EC, I loved that little cottage and there is room for a fish pond for the Splash.

Annie, an entire box of chocolates should be consumed for a birthday and preferably before breakfast.

Andrew, you would sully the Bombay with tapas? We drink all the gin first then if we can see the tapas after that, we'll eat it.

River, neither of the images said where they were installed so it could be an Adelaide thing. Even a small bird bath would look fantastic with a Splash.

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