Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Chairs are not a phobia with me unless you count having to leave them on the side of the road during hard rubbish collection and this is a brilliant idea for two old chairs.  I also hate to admit that Andrew was right when I last mentioned grabbing a chair from the hard rubbish, I have the paint and the chair but the two haven't met yet.  It's a long engagement going on 3 years now but one day, they will meet.

But, phobias, I haz a few starting with making a list of the phobias I have since it's scary how many things frighten the crap out of me.  Right up in the top ten of frighteners are big shiny needles.  Now I use needles all the time, in fact after this I'm going to the stove with an enormous darning needle to clear out the gas jets from the cleaning Jiff I used yesterday before the damn gas decides to do it for me.

I am talking about syringe type needles.  The type that is going to shoot Cortisone into the bones of my right foot to stop the flare up of arthritis that's causing the current episode of pain.  I have a phobia of people touching my feet, actually anything touching my feet that lives in seawater, especially something I can't see.  I'm rambling, I don't have a phobia about that.  For Cortisone to work it has to go into the exact right spot, the very first time, see that there, FIRST time.  It says to me that they intend to keep trying until I can't feel the original pain because of the needle x-times pain.

If it was Doc Marvin, it might be okay.  I would keep any accidental kicking far away from the crown jewells but I'm having to go to a stranger.  A stranger will be jabbing needles into my foot..phobia.
I might manage if they go in from the top but any needles going underneath is going to need me biting down hard on something or someone.  I've had needles in the feet before but I didn't know until I was already flat out and hadn't thought to ask where they were putting the radioactive dye and would have run for the door if they'd told me it was going between the toes and into the ankles. I have to say it was fun watching the snake like wanderings of my leg veins but between the toes, oh damn feck it hurt.

I don't have to make up my mind until the pain becomes too much so that I can't walk which is crazy because it doesn't hurt when I walk just when I stop. And believe me I cannot walk and eat ice-cream at the same time especially not on the treadmill, I have to hang on with two hands.  As a child I did have the ability to shove an icy-pole in my mouth and leave it there until it was long gone but like a lot of childish wonders, that too has long gone.   Not so my phobias. It could only be worse if they said they'd do it under water and I wouldn't see it.


Elephant's Child said...

My fear of snakes and dentists approached phobia levels.
I am not good in enclosed spaces either.
Good luck with the cortisone caper. I so hope it helps.

River said...

Between the toes??
Oh Dear God.
Can't they do a numbing injection first? Or at least rub on some numbing gel like the dentist does?
I remember a failed cortisone shot where the doctor felt around my shoulder, decided on a spot, then put half in at the back and the other half in from the front. I thought I as going to die from the pain. to top that off, it didn't work. I eventually had another one, done by an expert under ultra sound and hardly felt it.
But between the toes, ugh, I wish you didn't have to have that.

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi JT,

I'm not a huge fan of needles but, like River, the thought of jabs between the toes makes me feel a little unwell.

Mind you, I am a coward.




JahTeh said...

EC, I haven't decided yet, funny how it doesn't hurt as much when you know it isn't going to kill you.

River, that's the problem with cortisone, it must go in the exact spot so how do they do that with all the bones in the foot.

Plasman, I wouldn't need to be tortured, only mention ripping out finger nails and I would spill everything.
It's a good thing you're a man coward because one mammogram is all you'd ever have in a life time if you were a woman.

Ann ODyne said...

oh Coppy don't worry. Junkies shoot up between their toes when they run out of solid veins everywhere else.
I have heard that cortisone really does stop all the pain in it's tracks pronto so bravo there.
I had acupuncture in my heel 3 times and would do it again, but never a 2nd mammogram (and what a moneymaker crock all that is).
Once we get that Seniors Discount, our body becomes a warzone. Soldier on. x x

JahTeh said...

Annie, the thing is, it must go in the right painful spot to work. My whole foot goes zing when I stop walking or stand up after sitting. And I went through mother's mammogram and I'm not doing that either.
Men would think up a kinder way if it was their goolies being flattened.