Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Twenty-Five thousand dollars a ticket entitles one to look like a tit

This is the gown Annie O mentioned yesterday.  Rihanna is dragging it along and giving every punster on Facebook the delight of a lifetime.  The back view has everything on it from pizza toppings to bacon but I'll stick with the original version.  And yes, there is another dress under it.

And where would we be without Lady Gaga and her "Transformers" boots. They are so huge I really did expect them to suddenly transform into small sports cars.
 Sarah Jessica Parker's headdress was by Phillip Treacey, well known supplier of head gear to the Princesses of York. Surely you haven't yet forgotten the lavatory seat come pretzel worn by Princess B at the big wedding.  The back of this gown was rather lovely, covered in dazzling embroidered red poppies.  But her hands.....she's only a small person but has huge hands and they're veined and aged looking.  The headdress would have distracted your eyes.

And to finish off, a back view of our trash winners of yesterday. 
Going through the photos of eek frocks, I found that by looking at the background some really lovely dresses were caught on camera but with this lot it's anything for my career and any photo is a good photo.


Elephant's Child said...

Oh dear.
Which is as articulate as I can get. Except to say that SJP's hands tell me that she has dieted herself to a size which is not natural to her. Her very own version of the lollipop look.

Ann ODyne said...

The Treacy China Empress hat was let down by the messy dressy which looked like a binbag full of ANZAC day litter.
My soft spot for SJP is from her 80's sitcom Square Pegs. a lovely show. It also had Ricky Nelson's daughter. Her Uncle is Jethro Gibbs and Her Aunty was Mindy from Mork.
I wonder about the boutique carrybag that chrome yellow cloak was stuffed into, what kind of chair one could fling it over, and if any food/drink got on it during the MetGala festivities.
JLo has been stunning for 25 years.
Did you notice that Amal Clooney wore Galliano. that was a statement of support. Stella's hair looked like rubbish again. what is it with that woman?

River said...

That yellow dress is rather awful!
The black and white thing Lady Gaga is wearing reminds me of the dress kimonos worn by the Shoguns of ancient Japan.
SJPs headdress is interesting, I've seen something similar in The Mikado, the version done by Jon English, Derek Metzger etc.

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi JT,

I will never understand the fashion choices of people like this.




JahTeh said...

I can't believe I left out Beyonce who seemed to be wearing less than anyone else.

Some lovely lady in China handmade that dress and it took ages so it was a shame that someone else didn't wear it and it was yellow because only the Emperor was allowed to wear yellow.

Plasman, any publicity is good publicity when you have no talent.