Monday, May 11, 2015

Whistling 'Mack the Knife'

This shark is 4.5 metres long and it has teeth not to mention just a bit of blood smearing from the last kill.
If I had been the photographer washing the camera in the water, the second photo would have been taken from far up in space.
The female shark popped up to have a look around in the ocean off Port Lincoln in South Australia.
Dave Riggs was making a video for Discovery's Shark Week and said he was euphoric to be so close to the animal and thought it was a perfect illustration as to why we need to preserve it as the last living relic of a bygone era.
Riggs also said the shark was researching the area the only way she know how, with her mouth, giving us a nice view of those sharp teeth.

Not so lucky as Dave Riggs was Frenchman Yves Berthelot, holidaying in New Caledonia, whose meeting with a 3.5 metre bull shark was a much more aggressive show. Despite being given first aid aboard his boat, nothing could be done for Mr. Berthelot.

I hope no-one raced out and decided to shoot every shark in the area as frequently happens in Australia.  After all it is their home and hunting ground, we're just visiting.


Elephant's Child said...

I hope that no-one goes as crazy as we do when a shark munches on someone. As you say, their home, their hunting ground.
Not a nice way to go though.

River said...

Echoing Elephant's Child again, as I so often do. I like sharks and taking photos too, but I wouldn't be getting my camera hand that close to one.

Andrew said...

Needing to remember, very few shallow water swimmers have ever had issues with sharks. Once away from the shore, you are in their world and their rules.

JahTeh said...

EC, apparently the Bull Shark just appeared and chomped, the man wasn't wearing a wetsuit and was with friends swimming from a boat. Usually it's a grab and run but this shark made multiple bites.

River, he was shocked but wasn't about to let a photo op go by. She'd had a feed and I reckon they did a quick head count on the boat.They've been going on about boat tour operators in Port Lincoln throwing berley overboard to attract sharks but I hope this lot were more responsible. Once a shark knows the location of a free feed, they're always there.

Andrew, I think the last shark attacking bit through the board and the guy's leg and regardless of the Mad Monk's stand on climate change, warmer water is going to bring in the big boys where the food is.
You make sure you paddle in the shallows.