Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Why didn't I think of this?

I loved this idea but it would not do for our giant native birds like magpies and ravens.  The Mynah birds would give them a decent whack as well so the pretty cord would have to go and fencing wire used instead.  I rather like the thought of them hanging on the leafless branches for winter and I'm always resisting buying a lone cup and saucer at the op shop just because it looks pretty.  I have a cupboard full of 'looks pretty' and I'm still using a chipped mug.

But here's one for Miss O'Dyne and myself for those genteel afternoon teas in spring.  Wine glass tea cups with the added benefit of nosey parkers not being able to see the gin or plonk (in Miss O's case) or sometimes we do have tea. The Willow pattern is a bit heavy looking, I'd rather go for a nice Royal Albert or Aynsley.  Miss O and I are nothing but class all the way. 

Sheer genius this idea.  Your favourite tea cup as a bracelet.  Well, for me I'd have to cut up the teapot and that's the problem, the cutting up part. I suppose a tile cutter would do but knowing me I'd end up with a bucket of pretty pieces for that mosaic pathway I have also filed away as a brilliant idea.

Now I might have a chance of making this.  At last count I have 7 teapots and this would look great on the Christmas table.  Those cheap trees from the $2 emporium would be ideal with the added bonus of being able to use the teapot again.  So many ideas, so little time. 


Elephant's Child said...

I am looking at this post with lust filled eyes.
And suspect that only sparrows could be trusted on those beauteous bird feeders.

JahTeh said...

EC, I am really taken with the tea cup wine glasses. At least you'd get a decent grip with the handle. You're right about the sparrows though but a tea cup tree in winter, lovely. I remember my son being very upset because a friend told him we had a dead garden. So I hung owls and little bells on the bare branches until spring and there was often a face at the gate watching the fairy tree. He ended up being very proud of our dead garden.

Andrew said...

What was that thing we used to do with bottles where you would chill them, then tie metho soaked string around them and presto, a clean cut......sometimes. I am sure I have seen a large mug that would fit your wrists.

Andrew said...

I left out lighting the metho soaked string.

River said...

I like the tree in a teapot idea, but not the others. Especially not the bracelets.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, you don't know how many times I've tried that method and it's never worked. I have a collection of perfume bottles that I might have a go at. Lighting that string is the hazardous part.

River, a nice dainty favourite cup? I have also seen pieces cut in a heart shape, outlined in silver as a pendant but I'd like a wind chime made of them.

River said...

A wind chime is a better idea.

Ann ODyne said...

oh so pretty, all of them.
What a great idea to decorate decidous trees through Winter. only you would think of that JT.
Re Gin or tea, I had a cup of tea in a pub today. Was so strung out at the time that it tasted as good as a G&T and the cup had pink flowers. Barman refused to take money - what a sweetie.

Davoh said...

Oy, have been watching "Antiques Roadshow". Some of those things might be worth a quid .... o, forgot, that's in England.

JahTeh said...

Annie, sometimes just as good as a G&T but
only with cake. There are Barmen and there are Barmen, he made a friend.

Davoh, I love that show even the repeats.
Of course you know I watch the jewellery very closely. Remember the old celluloid collars that went on cotton shirts? My grandfather had a special round leather box to keep them in, have no idea where that ended up. I did have a book on Stanley Morton's voyage up some African river to rescue some African Potentate but not worth a bean because some rotter had removed all the old fold out maps. No doubt they were framed and sold in an antique shop.