Monday, August 17, 2015

Fashion shoes and I are divorcing

Surely someone can slap up a fab arthritis support shoe for scrunched feet that are wider and hurtier and swollen and ugly but have a need to be prettified.  I swear mine are starting to look like the feet in Roald Dahl's "The Witches" but hurting more.

But not like these.
Or these.
But it seems I will be left with this pair.
I love Minions.  With my soon to be mine 'Blue Flash'  walker and my Converse Minions I will officially be a designated Crazy Old Woman.    Kill me now.

And my last word on this vile Government, after watching Question Time this afternoon which nearly had me upchucking over my Minions.

One on every street corner.


River said...

Minions! On shoes! I bet they don't come in my size. I have a Minions lunchbox.
I like the idea of Tabbott getting peed on by every dog in town.

Elephant's Child said...

Fashion shoes and I came to a parting of the ways a long, long time ago.
How I wish that I could elimate Mr Rabbit from my life as easily. There would be fewer regrets.
Love your Minion shoes - but couldn't wear them either. Closed shoes are tooooo hot.

Ann ODyne said...

oh Ms Coppy massive empathy. I couldn't bend long enough to do the laces on those Converse.

"Annie you will never wear 'occasion shoes' again" said the brutal podiatrist.
Silly woman didn't mean the gumboots for occasional gardening or the slippers for occasional rest.
Let us have a minute silence for the feet of Mrs Victoria Beckham.

what's a minion? not a helper?

JahTeh said...

My memory is going, I'd forgotten I'd posted this.
River, I've bought a pair of purple and black sneakers and can't wait to throw a bit of gold paint on them to make them look a little less like boats.
I'm an equal opportunity blogger in politics but I couldn't find a picture of a Chihuahua peeing on Bill Shorten or a sheep dropping on Barmy Joyce.

EC, lateral thinking, you just cut out the toe part. Unfortunately the Parliament seems to be full of minions at the moment just not as cute.

Annie O, how could you not know what a minion is, Pinterest is full of the delightful critters.
I often wonder if Victoria has ever laid a foot flat on the ground, visions of high heel thongs for the shower spring to mind.
About the only thing I can do is tie the shoelaces, it's getting the feet into them that's a horror story.

iODyne said...

Australia Post fails in so many areas where I don't expect much, but what a surprise to find for sale in the PO as I gazed around for hours at the football toys and confectionery while waiting in a long long queue, a longhandled shoehorn for fewer $ than posting 8 letters and now I couldn't do without it.

JahTeh said...

I'm posting tomorrow so must look for such a gem. I'm using a long wooden ruler because I've broken so many plastic shoehorns. You could have told me long before this.