Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Now this is a fountain.

I love this fountain and I want it in my garden.  A nice deck chair or something more sturdy for me and I could sit and meditate on the splashing of the water especially with the sun behind, making little rainbows for my wishes. It came from the imagination of Malgorzata Chodakowska.

A lot has happened at the Home which we are now referring to as Mushroom House, keeping us in the dark and feeding us bullshit.  With 2 days warning the kitchen was turned over to an American hospitality company, our tea ladies were fired but the favourite chef was kept on because they couldn't find anyone who would work Sunday/Monday for the same amount of money.  I was not offered a cup of tea  yesterday so from now on I'll take my own cup and tea bag and ask for hot water.
The one thing they have re-installed is for the relatives to have a meal with their husbands or wives, cost of $5.  This is great for the men who usually go home and don't bother eating properly.

Now we just wait to see if they tell us the facility has also been sold to an American company.  A certain mother's Doc received a letter saying his arrangement with the Council Aged Care Group would not be continued did not go down well.  He is my mother's personal doctor and the inference was that she would have to use the doctor that will go with the big new Aged Care Centre which isn't built yet.  He was busy yesterday drafting a reply that will probably blister paint.  After searching for anything regarding the sale on line, I came across a small article that mentions the land being decontaminated  since it was used as the Council Depot for Everything.  That company walked away with $1.1 million dollars.  They should have decontaminated a few Councillors for that amount.

The hard rubbish collection took no prisoners this year.  Usually they have a variety of trucks for small, medium and large but this time a huge behemoth on wheels went down one side of the street and up the other and ate everything even my sofa bed with the steel frame.  The nature strips looked as though nothing had ever been on the grass, I've never seen a collection like it, gone in 60 seconds.
Most of the neighbours didn't put out until the weekend which didn't give much time for us to have a look and make a midnight run.  It seemed the gutter crawlers were only interested in scrap metal this year.  I was very good but I'm still crying for the cupboard across the road and the hat rack around the corner.  
And I really wanted two chairs to try and make this bench, just right for meditating near a fountain. There's always next year.


Elephant's Child said...

Mushroom House may have bitten off more than they can chew taking on Doc Marvin. I hope so. I really, really hope so.

JahTeh said...

EC, searching online for this new company I came across news articles from the fight last year when they wanted to shut everything down straight away. They weren't expecting the fight we put up and it appears that the councillors were divided on the issue and the then Mayor had to cast the deciding vote.
The Doc didn't say anything to mum today but he wasn't happy to think that the elderly were having their right to decide taken away even if they had lousy doctors they still have the right to have them.

Andrew said...

Perhaps a wheelbarrow might make a good seat for you at the fountain. So easy for you to get up when when just tip you out onto your feet.

River said...

You couldn't make it to the cupboard and hat rack before the behemoth came lumbering along? Next year you may have to stand outside with a whistle and when you see something you like being put out, whistle to get their attention and ask them to put it in your driveway instead.
So sorry to hear the home is having more troubles. I certainly hope Doc Marvin's letter blisters more than paint.
I get really angry when new companies take over and steamroller everything that was already in place.
There are rumours about our blocks of flats here.....

JahTeh said...

Andrew, it would have to be a bricklayer's barrow but that's not such a bad idea. Now go play with your new toy which seems to have attracted some lovely spam.

River, I could have but was restraining myself and rightly so considering what has come out of the sewing room so I can put it all back in the right place. I have a bookcase in there as well, I couldn't bear to throw out all my wedding magazines from the early 80s to now. I stopped buying them when strapless came in not a good look in a wedding gown.

Ann ODyne said...

Brilliant inspiration by that sculptor and it's World Ballet Day The Bolshoi is livestreaming free for everyone.

'Mushroom House' ... [tee hee]

Davoh said...

Beautiful. Better than Poseidon spouting water from ears (or elsewhere) - or dolphins vomiting.