Monday, March 07, 2016

Thank God it's Monday (I'm joking)

Kawana MP Jarrod Bleijie, Queensland's former attorney general says he was outraged by the revised version of the national anthem played at the University of the Sunshine Coast's 20th anniversary last month.  Judith Durham's version emphasises Australia's Indigenous heritage, with lyrics like "and honouring the Dreaming"and "combine our ancient history and cultures everywhere". 
With all that's going on in the world, he feels it's important to make a stand against this because it's wrong and rejects the claim the anthem is out of date.  The Queensland opposition leader, Lawrence Springborg said the Australian people should make any changes not university activists.  Good on ya, Jarrod, sing it proud because most of us don't know the bloody words anyway and only in Queensland would this make the papers.  I refrained from looking up his opinions on everything because I was eating breakfast while the tradie was putting in the new heater and I was withing range of a drill to put through my brain.  Andrew dear, the tradie is really cute.  I digress, I hate the damn anthem, refuse to learn the words and wanted "I still call Australia home" because the thought of a nice gay boy singing the national song would have given a lot of Parliamentarians strokes on the spot.  And I like Peter Allen much better than Jarrod Bleijie.

I gave the Murdoch wedding pictures a miss, Nancy Reagan finally died aged 94, I wonder if her astrologist predicted that.  The Abbott book?  I'll wait til it reaches the op shop but I will say Credlin has no taste in men and they wouldn't let Bronnie apologize for the helicopter, like she would have, ha!

Tradie is still going.  Now gathering up my spare bricks to fill in the enormous cavity behind the old Vulcan heater.  It's so huge I could have rented it out as airbnb. More money though since I needed an extra surround and a new flue.  That will be good to watch. They pull the old one up through the roof and drop the new one down.  I'm still in my dressing gown since they showed up at 8 and I was lucky I heard the gate squeak in time to put it on.  I no longer care about the state of the lounge which looks like "hoarder in training" so he just moved everything out of the way while I staggered trying to get some balance.  It appears I will have to bite the bullet and see the specialist and maybe have sharp things stuck up my nose for a biopsy and after that my deviated septum corrected. It's either that or falling flat on my face half the time.

But poor as I will be, I have found my ideal glassed in front room.  I'll start saving next week.

I have a brick wall exactly where that fire place is but I'm too decrepit to chop wood so that will be a bookcase.

Mother made it, 86 and one day.


Elephant's Child said...

LOVE that glassed in room.
And suspect that judith Durham's version of the anthem urinates from a great height on the current one.
Your mama is amazing.

JahTeh said...

I've looked at loads of conservatories but this is the one except the doors are facing the northwind days so I'd bring them down. I just love this but instead of fire place I'd have glass fronted cupboards to match the windows with lace inside where all my junk and books would be stored. A ceiling fan for summer and not rugs but a big carpet square. Dreams, where would we be without dreams.

Andrew said...

Cute hey. I hope you retained your decorum and did not salivate.

River said...

I thought about you all morning, off and on, although I can't think why. Just random thoughts wondering how you are.
I love that glassed in room, but would need a nice young man to come and clean it once a week. I'd have a bookcase too, all around the gas fire I'd put in that fireplace. Leather couches and thick soft rugs.
How did the birthday go? Did mother get cake?

JahTeh said...

I kept mine better than you would have. He was so sweet, he even put down sheets so my carpet wouldn't get dirty, bwahahahaha.

River, why stop at one, Andrew wouldn't. A new one a day keeps the boredom at bay and Highriser exhausted.
No cake, too many damn people around. I will find a sticky date cake for her tomorrow and I've bought series 6 & 7 of George Gently for next week. She assures me she won't go until the next series of Dr. Blake is released in April....kill me now.

River said...

So is she just waiting for the release of Dr Blake, because that's not too far away, or will she wait until she has seen all of the next series?
I have to admire her keeping on ability, she has stamina, just refuses to give up or give in.

Annie ODyne said...

what everybody else has already said. glad you have winter warmth guaranteed. x x