Monday, April 17, 2017

Complaints...add your own

I can't believe how long it's been since I blogged.  Something is wrong, the days seem to be long but the weeks are short.

1. I sat for two days waiting for the nbn to attach the in and out boxes. Nothing. Several messages on the mobile but I had specifically told them not to ring on the mobile but use the land line. These days I do not run to answer a phone.  And I couldn't answer the sms because the mobile is not connected to the internet.  The truck was in the street, would it have killed them to knock at the door after 4 unanswered calls when I was given a time to be home?  I now won't be connected until May, suits me.
Next day I paid the Telstra phone bill and 10 minutes later lost all the landlines.  Connect with nbn and optus and after not being able to answer the mobile and spending $20 on pre-paid mobile, the third idiot I spoke to  said I should ring Telstra since they still have the account.  No, it's not inside the house and no I can't move the couch or all the things in the front room (in the middle of that for nbn) because I can't get down that low.  Why low?  Because the house is old and all connections are on the skirting board.  $15 this  time but at least the Telstra bloke was polite and apologetic about the cost and fixed it.  Outside line which was drooping after the storm and the delivery trucks were smacking into it. Great, back in business, panic levels dropping.

2. One day after that, landlines are out again.  But I notice the light on the powerboard is flickering so I take the phone plug out and try it along the line, all out except one so the phone is okay again. I'm looking at a new powerboard and more money and moving stuff to plug it in.  Next member of Parliament who says pensioners should be able to live on what they're given will be sent a vicious email.
  Visits to the Doc's and flu vac
     Visit to the Podiatrist 
      Visit to Dentist
Ahoy there Scott Morrisson, try pulling that kind of money out of a pension while you are struggling adding 2 and 2 for the next budget.

3.  Mother has lung rot again so oxygen and ventolin full blast. Says she's dying again. She picked up a bit when I refused to go to hospital with her if they insisted. 12 hours last time when I wasn't even offered a cup of tea was the very finish.
4.  Nephew turn up and I'm ready to brawl about the warehouse down my hallway, 4 years and counting.  Couldn't do it, never kick a man with Gout in the foot.  Learned that from my father, when he had Gout, you couldn't breathe near him in case the pain went up a notch.  Sister gets Gout in one toe, apparently it hurts a lot.  I have so much pain everywhere I wouldn't know.  So I still have a warehouse.

5. New fence is up and up and up.  I don't know what went wrong but the fence that reaches my brick wall would have to be over 30cm taller.  They've spent the weekend digging out their old lemon tree and I notice the wooden fence slowly going up until the spouting disappeared.  Usually a new fence will be a bit higher, the other side is about 10cm.  And I think they may have nicked some of my land. The two brick fences were quite close, the wooden fence is right on top of my bricks and the other brick fence seems to be about 20cms away from the wood.   At least the back fence is sort of fixed up so only half might fall down in a storm.  What got up my nose was the fact that these builders and neighbours were walking in and out of my property and never once said what they were doing or getting permission to tramp over my land.  I felt like the Queen does when she sees a group of ramblers trotting through Sandringham.  And neighbour did the one thing that is a no-no, got going and painted the palings as soon as they were nailed.  Wood needs time to settle and dry out and he already has zebra stripes where it's moving and he was so careful not to let one dribble come over on to my unpaid for side.

6. I left the good news for last.  The tree lopper did a fantastic job and even though I have a Visa card again, it was worth it. Photos when I remember what I did last time to get them off the camera and onto the computer.


River said...

I don't think it would be too far below their station for techies to move a bit of stuff to get your connections plugged in.
I was surprised to hear power boards have a shelf life. I used mine for years and years and when I recently went shopping for a surge protector board, the assistant told me most power boards should be replaced every so often, I think he said two to five years depending on how much they are used. So I came home with two surge protector boards and spent the afternoon crawling under the table and behind the couch to get everything connected.
Then I bundled up the old power boards and tossed them out.
Politicians really have zero idea of what an ideal income for pensioners is. They seem to assume they because we're old we have already paid off everything we own and so our pensions sit in the bank gathering interest apart from the few ha ha, dollars we spend on cheap soup and cat food. They assume we have no need of internet etc and really don't get how much it costs us, in effort as well as $$$ to get to doctors and dentists etc.

Elephant's Child said...

Politicians have no idea about a LOT of things. Except where their interests are concerned. Re-election, and perks. Consider me hissing and spitting.
Just at the moment life is a game I am not enjoying, so I feel for and with you.

Annie ODyne said...

Good to see you. Hope your Easter was chocolatey.
Pictures please: you open the tiny trapdoor on the camera and take out the square plastic chip thing which goes into a slot on your keyboard. I can never find the folder so I click on the trashcan an get a sidebar where I can see the camera chip in the list of 'things'.

The NBN teams in Balwyn drove the women there crazy.
Good luck dear Coppy.

Belva said...

I think our phone problems are a little different than yours but everyone seems to run
into problems with telephones.

That gout thing is caused by what? too much uric acid? It must be most
painful and difficult to walk.

Take care

Andrew said...

Lol at your Queen and Sandringham remark. Clearly you connecting to the NBN is a reinvention of the wheel.

River said...

Does your camera have a usb cord that connects to your computer? That's how I do my photos. I've never done the memory card method, I must try it one day. It's probably the same, computer reads the card, asks if you want the photos stored by month, then click on continue. You also get, (well "I" also get) an option to delete from camera at the same time. If you're not sure where your photos will be, don't delete.
Anyway, once photos are imported and stored (by month), disconnect the camera, open the pictures file and find the folder that has your photos.

JahTeh said...

River, you have no idea how much had to be moved for the main connection but I did bite the bullet and throw out a lot of stuff. Today I managed to get 3 boxes down to one and that's all ready to go to the op shop if I stopped sobbing long enough.
I bought a surge protector board this time but it's another move this to put that in and move back.

El Chi, we are all entitled to marry one idiot, just don't do it again. Just as we are entitled to vote in one idiot politician and only once. Did you see that twat Turnbull turning up a sausage in bread the nice lady held out to him on his walk through the peasantry? The Queen would have graciously taken it, deftly handed it to the lady in waiting who would have passed it down the line until some smarty in the crowd grabbed it and raced home to put it on ebay. Now that's how you do it.

Annie O, I didn't understand a word after chocolatey. And I didn't get one egg for Easter not even at the Home where they hogged the lot on Friday.
Bloody nbn, Turnbull again but we'll have to stick with him, the big betting money is on Dutton getting the gig, if Malcolm goes. At least we won't have to make up a nickname, we have one "MOAB", mother of all bastards. (sorry for the more gentile of my readers)

Andrew, I can't get over the fact that nobody bothered to knock on the door after all those unanswered calls. It will be good now that Malcolm has dumped the work visas and Australians have to do those jobs, it will be the whining that goes round the world.

River, yes, I have that usb thing and the last time I used it, my photos disappeared into the cloud, my computer changed itself to windows l0 and I had meltdown. Then I was told that the only driver for my camera was windows Vista and downloading Vista threw everything else out of whack. I hate microsoft.

JahTeh said...

Belva, it fascinates me to see everyone with a mobile phone on TV shows because they never seem to run out of charge. I've come from a 2004 Nokia to a 2016 jet fuelled thing that I can't keep up with. They should have a ring for old people so we can walk around without the damn thing hanging from our neck. Somewhere there must be a button to lengthen the ring so our friends will hang around waiting but people selling rubbish will give up.
Gout is the most painful ailment, even a cat brushing past a gouty toe will have you banging your head on a table because that pain is soothing. You're right about the uric acid, the crystals build up in the joints and crunch.

Davoh said...

Um, You could look on the bright side ... there is no 'landline' to this country cottage ... yep, do have 'mobile phone' that costs me a fortune every time i ring a landline number ... but yep, do have pre-paid Telstra 4G dongle thingo that (mostly) connects me to the 'internet' (speed varies according to how many others are online) .. but does work - probably too well, as some "news media" and advertisers insist on 'auto streaming' videos which chews up massive amounts of 'data allowance' - so, can't complain, really.

Davoh said...

(PS, phones that have the option of "please leave a message" are the evil invention of telecom privateers. If the phone rings without answer - no charge. If the robot answers - call charge ... prompting the recipient to 'call back' ... and encounter another robot that asks "please leave a message". Thus racking up multiple call charges ... heh).

JahTeh said...

Davoh, mother loves the 101 service, she must think I'm psychic because she doesn't leave a message, just breathes down the line. Sometimes I long for the old days when a computer was our slave not the other way round, all this rubbish that goes on with videos I don't want to listen to but can't turn off for ever just the once.

Panharith said...

Gout is the most painful ailment, even a cat brushing past a gouty toe will have you banging your head on a table because that pain is soothing. You're right about the uric acid, the crystals build up in the joints and crunch.