Sunday, May 09, 2021

I'm taking some time to get myself together.

 I could really sit and look at this dragonfly jug for a long time. Actually I could just sit and watch clouds. The fat lady is almost ready to sing and give up but there's a bit left in the tank. I just need time.

The space junk has landed north of the Maldives but I was hoping it would land on Morrison. Doc Marvin spent a lot of time arranging his vaccination times for his clinic, nursing home residents and the few that he visits (me in that group). The moment the Feds took over everything went to hell so I've had no flu vac or Covid.  It had to go covid-----flu-----2nd covid and it hasn't so I haven't left the house again.  Well nearly, I almost did a header out of the back door again. Now I'm not trying it again, I go out the front door, put the bins out and come in the back door.  Don't ask, it just works.

Budget next week, look for flying pigs.


Elephant's Child said...

Thank you for that exquisite jug.

Beth Waltz said...

This interpretation of an insect preserved in amber is worthy of this place of honor in your collection of images, dear Jah-Teh. Thank you for presenting this evidence that there is beauty to be seen -- if one looks for it, as we do here.

Your experience with the healthcare system...! At least you have a doctor who is attempting to cope. Pity he's outnumbered by the suits who count beans/votes. We've been fortunate in my Midwestern section of the U.S.: sign-up is easy (if one has internet access) and the vax experience locally takes less than one hour.

The pandemic has revealed an urgent need to improve internet accessibility for the elderly and school kids. This is a worthy project for our armies of volunteers, now that local food banks are seeing a drop in demand.

Andrew said...

The dragon fly is very beautiful.

River said...

That jug is the most beautiful thing I've seen all week.
I tried to make an online appointment for my vax and after filling in all the boxes found out I wasn't yet eligible, being not over seventy or under fifty. AND I have to have the Astrazeneca with the added risk of blood clots. grump, grump, grump...
I had my flu shot in April.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, I've just found a vase that is almost as good which I'll post. With us it's not on, the cats would make mince meat out of them.

Beth, you cannot mention the PM to him, steam comes out of his ears. He had the problem of giving his patients the first shot but not knowing if or when the second vaccines would turn up making the first one useless. As for the Internet, I just received an email telling me my phone account will be emailed from now on.

Andrew, it's fabulous and I keep seeing more details. Unfortunately I didn't record the details but I'll keep looking. You've been busy with the family, good thing you and R decided not to adopt. I don't know how you keep up with them all.

River, the States have done a pretty good job with the Pandemic but the Fed mob are useless. Have you seen our Crime Minister walking his red carpet every where, the man's a complete fool.

iODyne said...

wheelie bins are a def danger zone. wish I could debrief with the damn designers.
No vaccine here yet, glad I waited - I want the Dolly Parton recommendation. She's no fool.
Stay safe darling, we'd be lost wihout you

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

A friend in Oz told me that the vaccine-roll out is slow. I hope he's exaggerating, and everyone is getting their vaccines.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, neighbour had his grandson put out the bins but he forgot to check inside so I walked the bags down to the gate and I only had to go a few feet to the bin but it looked a mile. Fortunately my mowing man was walking his new little dog so he did it for me. Gorgeous little pup who only wanted to play with lovely white cat, not in a million years would Cat Vicious let another animal through the gate.

Neena, it is slow but that's only because we have an idiot for a Prime Minister. I've had my first, next is the Flu vac then the last Covid. My Doc is right on with this and has said we will have another wave next year and this is not the kind of virus that disappears so I'll be masking up whenever I'm in a crowd.

Eva Wilson said...

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