Monday, October 17, 2005


I spent yesterday working out how the proposed terrorism bill would affect me. Well, my bags are packed because if it goes through I'll probably be arrested on sedition. My last post has me showing the Clown Prince how to stage a palace coup against his King.

As an urban feminist, a supporter of gay rights, gay marriage and rainbow parents and a frequent thrower of blasphemies against the Prime Miniature, I'm gone. Not to mention the tirade of abuse I threw at Court Jester Abbot yesterday when I read about his new way of cutting the abortion figures.

Why doesn't somebody lock this man up and throw away his mouth? To stop abortions he wants to hand women money when they get pregnant, that's for counseling. Half way through the nine months, we get money for expenses. After the baby is born, we get the rest of the bonus money. What do we do then if we really didn't want the baby? Knowing Abbot, I'm sure he could set up a booming little baby market and we could get even more money.

I am suspicious about this anti-abortion stand. I get the feeling that the churches really miss the stigma being removed from pregnancy outside of marriage. In the old days their girls' homes were a ready source of baby-bearing slaves to be used and abused and coerced into giving up their children to be adopted by good christian families.

Okay, away from the creepy christians and back to this urban feminist terrorist. I'm against war because it kills children and if it doesn't kill them, it turns them into terrorists. I'm against extremists of any kind, from any country, of any religion. I'm against prejudice, poverty and corporate greed. I'm also against reality TV shows so that makes me hostile to media moguls.

That should be enough to put me under house arrest. I can handle that but I will fight to the death to defend my blog. *sings* You can't take that away from me!


Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Meet you in the lock-up!

JahTeh said...

Well that's just got every dribbling porn addict breathless.