Thursday, October 13, 2005


Cardinal George Pell, Les Strong, Dr. James Dobson, Major-General Digger James. All men, all christians. Men who wrote to the Prime Miniature urging him to clarify the definition of marriage as the union between man and woman because it was morally, socially, and biologically right and according to christian principles.

Compare this to The Humanist Society of Victoria's President Rosslyn Ives who said consenting adults should be free to choose their partners and be protected by law. "Society thereby gains by accepting diverse forms of coupling, rather than trying to coerce all individuals into a standard mould," Ms Ives said. That is 21st century thinking.

Now we have Tony (christian man) Abbot saying the Government has no plans to change the availability of the abortion pill RU486, which was banned in Australia in 1996. He said, "the Government's position is unchanged although obviously we're always prepared to listen to someone who wants to make an intelligent case to us".

Are you even listening to us Abbot? Intelligent case or cries from the wilderness, it doesn't seem to matter to these christian men. They know what's good for our bodies and they'll keep making decisions about our bodies for us. Why are we still letting men keep us from the best choices for our health? Why are we still letting them define what form of union we should have and who we should have it with? Why are women still being patronised by this Government and every religious group in the country? Because we are our own worst enemies. We are still lumbered with the 19th century idea of men being our protectors and most women love it.

Well bugger off the whole lot of you. There are women out there who can outlive, out think and eventually outmanoeuvre you. We'll marry who we like and when we like. We know what's best for our health and well being so get used to it because eventually you'll hear us rage.

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