Thursday, October 13, 2005


I should call it something else, "Balancing Costello's Budget" day considering the amount of GST I seem to be paying. It's a day full of decisions. Blocks of chocolate are on special but I can be good and go past. I'll regret this moment of purity when I'm ransacking the cupboards at midnight like the demented chocoholic I am. Maybe just one block and pick the one which is not my favourite. First, a quick look at the registers, if cute check-out boy is on, the chocolate is out.

Why is the cute check-out boy so important? Because he paid ME a compliment, a pat on the head, a sop to my non-esteem. A month ago he said my shopping was the healthiest he'd put through all day. I've told you it's the small things that make me happy. Mind you, his speaking to me nearly gave me a heart attack because of what I was doing at the time.

I was indulging in my favourite hobby of mentally stripping him to his jocks (I don't go any further, the dangly bits make me giggle). Breaking into my thoughts like that could cause severe trauma in case he's the one in 20 million who can read minds. From there we had a conversation. He had been a vegetarian but lost too much weight. No ticks for that information, he's thin enough to pass for my left leg. Everything gets measured in relation to my left leg, except dangly bits, gutter minds.

He really is sweet with his lovely long fingers lingering over my vegetables. Unruly black curls, almost green eyes, straight teeth, cute bracelet on his wrist (memo-check Gay Guide) and a white shirt that is transparent under lights. So in order to continue my hobby, have a conversation and get my pat on the head, I don't feel I can slip the non-healthy chocolate through. I'm not completely virtuous, I go two shops down and buy it at Bi-Lo.

If he's fired, I have a back-up. Drool Boy no.2. He makes my cappucino with such thick foam the sugar sits on top so I can drink my coffee through the crystals......Mmm shopping day.

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