Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I have lost a friend, not in death but as in growing away.

In a 20 minute drive I found the things that I tolerated or ignored over the years were not things I would tolerate or ignore in a stranger. I am not gay but I support gay and lesbian rights especially the right to be happy, to be married and to have children. She can't understand this, especially letting 'those people' have children. She fostered a child for a short time and was very unhappy that the child went to two gay men in a permanent arrangement. Her concern was that the child might see something 'nasty' in the bedroom. She is still single so doesn't realize that living with children and sex consists of making sure they never see anything. It means making the space between bedrooms a DMZ with landmines and attack dogs. Parenting gays and parenting heteros do not roll naked around the lounge in front of little gossips who will take the tale to school next day. Believe me, getting sprung scars the parents more than the child. After explaining this, I launched into my usual spiel about the rotten job parenting is and anyone who wants the job gets my support. In one ear and out the other, gay parents will always do 'nasty' things in bedrooms.

The next conversation involved the government's newstart allowance which she had just put in for. I managed to keep my jaw from hitting the floor but it was an effort. She has just paid cash for a new house and received the first home-buyer allowance but it's a fair way out from the city so travelling to work would involve time. She knocked back the full time work, opting for part-time closer to home which has now all but dried up so newstart and the concessions will help get her over this financial hiccup. SHE CAN WORK, the full time position is still available, she is healthy, young and drives a car but she cannot see anything wrong with taking if the government is handing out. It's this attitude that will make it harder for those in real need for this allowance. I'm sure she knows the difference between right and wrong but she's selective about it.

Her body will grow old but her brain has reached the limit. She still thinks the same as she did 20 years ago and will be the same 20 years from now but I'm moving on.

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Caddie said...

"She" is only one of a great many. Mercy, the world is in chaos.