Sunday, October 23, 2005


Same sex couples are being encouraged to become foster parents to ease a chronic shortage of carers. The Foster Care Association of Victoria spokeswoman, Sandra Creaner said it was a recognition that we are a state of diversity. The Association is after all types of people as long as they are the best option for the child.

Very sensible thinking but look who's in full voice against it. Our old friend, Bill Muehlenberg of the Australian Family Association. He thinks it's wrong to conduct social experiments with children in foster care and having two mums or two dads is not nature's ideal.

Sorry Bill but 'two mums' and 'two dads' families are flourishing. As much as you would like to think differently, children are growing up happy with their rainbow families. Hopefully growing up with a lot more tolerance than you usually show.

Caring for children is not a heterosexually exclusive trait and fostering children takes tremendous patience and a lot of love. I know I wouldn't make a good foster parent so anyone, gay or straight, that makes the grade has my support.

The ACE website had a link to a newspaper article about the anger of victims of crime over the fact that there is one victim liaison officer to 12 Gay and Lesbian liaison officers. The Crime Victims Support Association president, Noel McNamara said the disparity in police numbers devoted to gay liaison and victim liaison was a disgrace.

I don't think this is a case of homophobia but more an angry and justified cry for help. The victims are dependent on their liaison officer for support and information on investigations involving themselves or family members. Investigations can go on for years and victims have to live with this. It's not about decreasing the numbers of Gay liaison officers but finding the money for more victim liaison officers. In the meantime, perhaps the Gay community can offer to share their officers with the victims of crime. It might help to build a bridge.

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