Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I see Ron Boswell and Steve Fielding have rejected changes to allow women to have access to non-surgical abortions. At the moment women wanting Mifepristone must apply to the Federal Minister for Health and we all know who that is and what he stands for.

When are men going to stop making decisions about our bodies? When my patented Virtual Reality Machine hits the market, that's when. Men who think they know what is good for women will be able to step inside and experience childbirth, natural childbirth of course. As a free gift they could also have post-natal psychosis (apparently they already get post-natal depression but how do you tell, they're such whiners anyway) and then I might let them make an informed choice about what I can and cannot have. With a little tweaking of the program they could also experience the mental state of a rape or incest victim who finds herself pregnant.

I don't mind them making laws which apply to both sexes but not when they only apply to women. I like not being pregnant and wearing shoes and staying out of the kitchen.

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Caddie said...

Vasectomy should be a reality! This is a good solution for those "I-Can't-Control-Myself" rutters.