Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I have twelve apples on the tree and about one million mealy bugs. They're like walking fluffy feathers and stick to branches like the proverbial to a blanket. The Blight used to stand there and blast them with the hose and do it by the hour. Small things amuse small minds. I don't use poison spray because of the birds so the bugs have multiplied. Not that I eat the apples, that's the bribe for the possums to stay away from the tomatoes.

While I was counting the apples I spotted these little rippers. When ladybirds get going on mealys it's like an SAS attack. They weave along branches looking so sweet then they go into this superspeed glide and whack, one bug less. I can't help myself, I'm out there with the magnifying glass because those little spotted movers are so great. Most act alone but sometimes there's a group under a leaf like gangs in the 'Hood'. This is the first time in years that I've seen so many ladybirds in the tree. Even in the park this afternoon I could see them climbing the grass. If that's an indication of a good ecosystem then the council must be doing something right.

I'm going to love watching death amongst the leaves for the next week or so. Of course like all good soldiers after a hard day fighting, the boys R'n'R at the nearest shady bar, pick up and shag. I haven't posted that X-rated picture, this blog remains work safe.

Update: 25 apples, biggest haul ever.


Davo said...

Possums are Aussie.. they hate powdered chili.

Mother Damnable said...

Does that mean you have Summer in Oz?

Anonymous said...

The festival of midwinter is perhaps reversed

JahTeh said...

Watch it Davo, another witch behind you.
According to them that know we are coming up to a stinker of a summer.

Davo, I'm telling the possums on you.