Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I have proof that the weather is changing and the seasons are late. We are almost into Summer and my Spring allergies have just caught up with me. I thought I had them beat this year. I've been taking my horseradish/garlic/vitamin c and throwing chopped chillies into everything. This morning, the headache, the streaming eye (it only hits one) the bleeding nose, ringing in the ears and the rash arrived. The rash starts at the ankles and goes to the knees, walking through grass height. The Doctor originally had it as a nervous reaction which was probably 2/3 right as it hasn't been as severe since the Blight left. If Gitmo wants another torture then this is it. Give someone a rash, tie their hands out of reach and don't let them scratch. In past years I have bought calamine lotion by the 44 gallon drum.
The allergies usually hit only the left sinus cavity which is great for the balance. If I drop anything on the floor, it stays there, bending down causes pain, dizziness, swearing and fear of falling. This year something new turned up. The right eye puffed up which left me looking like I'd had a run in with Mike Tyson. I have to think back to when it was okay then work forward until I remember I walked under a flowering tree in the park.
Treatment varies according to symptoms. Sometimes a salt water spray clears it up or I progress to allergy spray, hit it with anti-histamine tablets and if I'm still not seeing straight then I take the small pill. This has enough punch to knock out a Melbourne Cup field so I've learned to take only 1/4. It says on the pack not to drive as the tablets could cause drowiness, but it doesn't say it knocks you out for about 12 hours so I'm a bit more cautious now.
That's what I mean about the weather, I usually get all this in September. Perhaps it's not seasonal allergy as in Spring but seasonal allergy as in Christmas.

On a good note, I want New Year's Honours for the ABC programmer who decided to put on an hour of Dr Who every night. Please keep it going through Summer. I watched the first episode of Veronica Mars last night and I'm going to enjoy this show and Veronica. I've been re-watching David Attenborough's Blue Planet which has re-affirmed my opinion about venturing into deep water. As will a new programme starting tonight called "Surface" about strange new creatures in the ocean. Since we don't know a fraction of the animals that are down deep, this could end up a reality show.
Makes a break from the sharks in Parliament. A thank you to Barmey Joyce, friend of the working class and gutless wonder. You could have had a lifetime of admiration but all you'll get is 15 minutes of nothing. After he gets voted out of office, he could have his own show, "How to cave in to small rodents", all the tips you'll need to knuckle under.

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