Thursday, December 01, 2005


The things I do to see a film. Like leaving home before M's morning call to walk 20 minutes to catch a bus, get off and catch another bus to giant shopping complex to be on time for the film. Except some idiot gave me the wrong time for Gold Class, morons. The little sweetheart on ticket duty took pity on me and put me right in the centre of the commoners' theatre with a vacant seat either side. At least that's the way I'm taking it, it could also be that she was taking no chances on me breaking the arms off both seats to fit in. In Gold Class there are no steps which makes it easy for me to glide in gracefully. In the other, I have to go sideways, one step at a time because there is nothing to hang onto. I would fall and get free tickets for a year if I wasn't so frightened of pain and the humilation of fifteen people trying to get me off the ground.

I hadn't had breakfast, always bad for co-ordination and the ice coffee I ordered somehow got its straw tangled in my dress and spread itself like a dose of bird flu over me and three tables. I stood there looking so pathetic they kindly gave me a freebie. I didn't have the heart to tell them I always look pathetic any time before ten in the morning.

I like to be seated before the hordes arrive although I enjoy the fear in their eyes as I lumber past to my seat. Bad, bad mistake to be early. Twenty minutes of Christmas carols and I am a captive audience. December l, the start of my seasonal disorder which doesn't end until February l. If I can see Harry Potter every week until then I might just make it. The film couldn't possibly follow the book so it focuses much more on the personalities but the dragon fight was very well done. Nice touches of humour too. So rasberries to all those movie snobs who think it's beneath them.

Also saw a preview of The Narnia Chronicles which does look impressive but I don't think I'll go because I always hated the books. King Kong looks great on special effects but I don't like it when animals die in the end even the computer generated ones. And now for something weird, our local church advertises at the movies, coming on right after the PlayPal Palace ad.

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