Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Over at Diogenesian Discourse, Gerry has said I've been responsible for an outbreak of frivolity. This from a man who uses a bear in a straightjacket as an icon. If it was a rully rully serious blog, the bear would be dressed as Rambo, hmm, that doesn't work, Rambo should have been in a straightjacket.
Anyhow I was simply making a scientific observation based on the number of women who comment on his blog (and at the strangest hours) and concluding that he was a chick magnet.
This scientific hypothesis is falsifiable (ie. able to be proven wrong) by locking 20 women and Gerry in a small room and seeing who survives.
The contest will be well and truly over when the fat lady (me) sings. I have been rehearsing Gerry with a G, sung to the tune of Liza with a Z and I should be loud enough for it to be known as the song that shot the bear around the world.
In the interest of the new Bear Meme, I suggest everyone drop in to Gerry's and tell him 10 things you like about his blog. Now don't forget, it's a serious blog so no frivolous statements like "If the bear has 10 toes I like his blog because I'm a foot freak."
We all need serious blogs now that the circus known as Parliament is nearly over and there is nothing as serious as the bear when he gets going over a bottle of Cab Sav.

Official disclaimer. This statement was made in the interests of serious blogging and Gerry is not paying me by the numbers of completed memes.


Gerry said...

You'll keep... (deem stupid emoticon included.)

chumpsrock said...

I have to admit, I feel partially responsilbe. I'm as new to this bloggity blogg shtuff as you... (glad I found your fabulous writings by the way). It was late, and I decided I would search random blogs until I found a decent one. I must have looked at 112 blogs of zero interest before I found Gerry's. It was so easy to come up with 10 reasons - little did I know what was to come of it.

Gerry said...

Don't trouble yourself chumpsrock. You have casued no trouble. Nor has JahTeh. In fact, no one has caused any trouble. My protests were a sham. My ego got stroked and it felt good too. So thanks guys...

JahTeh said...

Ah, Chumpsrock don't you just love cuddly furry bears? Sweet of temper and devoid of ego and a pleasure to stroke.