Thursday, December 08, 2005


The Rev. Gordon Moyes, Upper House Christian Democrat, is upset that he has failed to have homosexuals burned at the stake, shot, thrown into a pit, poisoned, garroted or hung. Maybe he didn't put it in quite those words, you have to read between the letters and now he is going to look out for the rest of us in Parliament.

Gay Erasmus at has a better take on religion and his last post should be pasted over the Rev's eyeballs.

Kelly and Sam Pilgrim-Byrne are lesbians from Perth at and are trying to become parents after being together for 12 years. I became friends with them after reading about their efforts to contact Senator Fielding in regards to Medicare funding. The girls have used over $10,000 of their own money to fund their IVF treatments. Senator Fielding never replied to their letters so I took up my pen. He has ignored me as has Mr. Beazley and Mr. Crean and I thought Christians were supposed to be polite but not even an auto-reply saying my e-mails had been received. My next letter to the Senator has been emailed, another being sent by snail mail and I have decided to post it here, so he can't deny it ever existed.

Dear Senator Fielding,
Once again I am writing to you on behalf of Rainbow families.
It is a special time of the year for all families and Gay and Lesbian families are no different. They are parents and have parents who are supportive of them. They will take their childen to Church on Christmas Day as you will.

I have read your speeches and interviews in magazines. I've watched your family story on television. I understand your reluctance to describe the partnerships of Gays and Lesbians as marriage but the ACT's move towards civil unions which would not involve the Church could not offend you. I am trying to break through your prejudice against same-sex families just as I am trying to put aside any prejudice I might have towards your religious beliefs.

The much loved children in these families are not ashamed of their same-sex parents. A ceremony uniting their parents is an affirmation of their committment and love to each other and to their care and upbringing. I am not speaking of a Church wedding which I understand you would never support but would a civil union giving them equal rights for themselves and their children really destroy our society? The children's health would benefit from the equality in regards to Medicare, so how would that be a bad thing?

I am speaking about responsible parents. They keep their bedrooms private as do all parents. Their children are exposed to nothing more than the same love, affection and discipline as children in other families. They make the same sacrifices for their children's education.

You say you are in Parliament to support all families but I haven't seen much support for Rainbow families. Perhaps in the future you will be responsible enough to do so.

It would be nice if the Senator replies this time but I'm not holding my breath. I'd like him to have the Gay Erasmus post pasted on his eyes too. I know it is not just Christians who ignore the fact that Gays and Lesbians are human but as it is drummed into us so much these days that this is a Christian Country then it's about time a bit of Christian commonsense was elevated above Christian ignorance.


Gerry said...

Go Girl!!!

Recently I received a reply from Ruddock when I quizzed him about Scott Parkin's detention and eviction form Australia.

The thing about that one was that it was a fax. Maybe these idiots only reply to faxes? I dunno... Just a thought...

Mother Damnable said...

Well said!

Three cheers for Rainbow families ~ everywhere! ~

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

You're our champion, JT!

JahTeh said...

There's a report out that says teens are concerned about suicide, physical abuse and sexual abuse and that's straight teens so it must be twice as bad for gay teens thanks to idiots like the Rev.