Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I'm in the middle of my usual making 'Christmas presents at the last minute' (unlucky ones get I.O.U.'s) and went googling for Christmas ornaments and found these. Being vego, the photo up top is my idea of a Macca so I had to have it but on the same site I came across these little ornaments for the tree. Just what you want the kiddies to be staring at for the twelve days of Christmas, a tree full of Ronalds. I think I'll give them a miss but I have to admit I love the burger.


JD Allen said...

A woman friend of our family back in the 80s recently died, I saw in the local newspaper, of...BSE, I am drawing a blank right now, but I think that's right. Our families shopped at the same markets, had family cookouts and dinners together, etc., then we moved away and lost touch.

Could that explain some of my actions? Nah.

JahTeh said...

It's a frightening thing, because it can take 20 or more years for vCJD to become apparent. I nearly gagged when I read how brain and spinal cord matter were used as fillers in food destined for English children.

A Happy Christmas season to you, JD.

Ron said...

Slapping forehead several times, it should have clicked you were a vegetarian.

This is favourite veg*n form (I'm Ron_kat).

Davo said...

"christianity" a la american style, is all about conning the children. Perhaps 'ronald mcdonald' is the new 'christ'. (Bah! Humbug! goes without saying)

JahTeh said...

I think I bookmarked that site from recipe on MM but I'll look at the forum.

Can we convert you Davo?